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COVID-19 News Roundup : March 26

Time to introduce a new segment - COVID-19 Daily News Roundup 

With the barrage of news on a daily basis, it becomes a challenge to post individual news. Thus this segment is meant to provide news that matter, both in Singapore and globally.

Singapore News

1 $48 Billion Resilience Package to battle COVID-19

A new relief package of $48 Billion will add on to the $6.4 Billion Unity package making it the largest relief package Singapore had made.

The main aim of the budget is to help save jobs, help business and individuals to tide over this period. All Singaporeans will get a share in the budget with extra provided for self-employed and low and middle income that had lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19

If you just want to find out what is in it for the man (or woman) on the street, do refer here

2 Government-run columbarium to be closed on weekends and public holidays during Qing Ming Festival

In anticipation of crowds during Qing Ming, all government-run columbaria will close on weekends and public holidays until Apr 26

Restrictions are in place on weekdays from 8am to 530pm.
  • These include minimising family visit to no more than four person
  • Not bring elderly or young children
  • Avoid crowds around the prayer and joss paper burning area
  • No prolonging time spent in the facilities
  • Keeping a safe distance of at least 1 m from other visitors

3 Uproar over Party Animals at Farewell Party

With the entertainment venue lockdown in full force from tonight ( March 6 2359) , some nightclubs and pubs are holding farewell parties. There was public opposition against this and some of the establishment backed down on the proposed promotion. Nonetheless, it did not stop attracting a large crowd of revellers for the evening as reported by TODAY. Controversy, there was another news report by ST that states the presence of only a handful of crowds.

Regardless we decided to dedicate a post to the Party Animals of the night.  This socially irresponsible group has the chance to be the next biggest cluster in Singapore.

4 Compulsory Stay at Home for  Five Day MC from respiratory symptoms

Individuals issued an MC by medical practitioner certifying acute respiratory symptoms must not leave the place of accommodation for a period of 5 days starting on the day the MC is issued. The individual can only leave the place of accommodation to seek medical attention. a fine not exceeding $10000 or imprisonment of a term not exceeding 6 months can be imposed

5 Singapore tally stands at 683 confirmed cases
Singapore reported 52 cases last evening, bringing the tally to 683. Unlink cases are on the rise with 14 unlink cases. We think once the total tally of unlink cases hits 100, Community Spread would  most likely be declared as official. Current numbers stand at 42


US Approves $2 Trillion Stimulus Plan
The much-touted bazooka was unleashed last night. This plan, together with measures by FED pushed the US market up almost 20%

US has the Highest confirmed cases

US took 20 days to jump from 100 to 80,000 cases with a population of 327Million
China took 1.5 months to jump from 100 to 80,000 with a population of 1.3 Billion

Should the situation stays the same, US can expect to double China in a week and may hit a million within a month or two. At the current death rate of 1.4%, it would imply that at least 14000 deaths may be reported. Given that this is still an early stage for the US, the death rate would tend to go up. Using the Global Average of 4%, the death rate could rise as high as 40,000. That number is 10 times worse than China!

China closes its doors to foreigners
In an ironic twist, China will now close doors to foreigners. The local transmission was near zero for the past few days, but the imported cases are adding to the tally. In the beginning, China was shut down from the world. Today, the opposite will happen.

Malaysia reported more than 2000 cases
Malaysia tally breached 2000 cases overnight. The country had extended its national lockdown to Apr 14

Indonesia reported 78 deaths
Despite having only 893 confirmed cases, Indonesia has already 78 deaths. IN comparison to Spore with 683 cases and 2 deaths. The numbers confirmed in Indonesia is likely much higher than what was reported.

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