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Do you Choose the Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Do you want the truth or live in blissful ignorance?

We knew we are unwell
Yet we must go back to work or school because we got stuff to do

We knew the odds are the risk is out there with unlink cases.
Yet we must take staycations and go for discounted attractions despite the crowd.

We knew the risk of heading overseas especially with a global infection on the rise.
Yet we think it would not happen to us and decide to go for holidays anyways

We knew more are coming back with infection from overseas
Yet travel measures always take an extra day or 2 to implement instead of immediate. We choose to give advisories instead of biting the bullet with an outright ban on travel.

We  knew a 14 days lockdown may help eradicate this threat and prevent the spread
Yet schools remain open, even though adults are encouraged to work from home

We knew that Singapore is small and the risk would magnify in crowded places.
Yet, we are lining up for sales, discounts and even groceries

We knew its a threat because senior events and large scale events are cancelled.
Yet USS is still open, Chatuchak market is still happening and even Woodland has a Pasar Malam

We knew the threat is still out there
Yet not all are tested, even those on Stay Home Orders or Quarantine before release

We knew, yet we choose to ignore.


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