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Netflix to stop production on all shows and movies due to Coronvirus - What to watch next?

Here is the reason why you will not see Crash Landing on You Part 2

Netflix will be stopping production on all shows and movies due to Coronavirus. This will be for at least 2 weeks due to the outbreak. If you are following a current season on Netflix, you probably have to wait a little longer for the next episode.

Due to the time lag between production and air. This would start impacting network schedules for about 6 weeks.

Netflix is not the only entertainment outlet suspending operations. Warner Bros has also announced that production will be suspended on more than 70 shows. Films are not spared either. No Time to Die, Mulan, A Quiet Place Part 2, Fast and Furious 9 all have their release dates pushed back.

What to watch next?

This will probably be the best time to catch up on Netflix older shows and movies. If you are looking for a show to watch, here are our top 5 recommendations

Crash Landing on You

The number 1 show on Netflix Singapore. This is a South Korea series that follows a South Korea Woman who accidentally crash lands in North Korea and met her North Korea soulmate

Why watch it?
The chemistry between the 2 leads are off the chart. Coupled with an interesting storyline, this romantic comedy would delight both sexes.

A Taiwanese Tale of 2 Cities
Source : Netflix

This 2019 Mandarin series revolves around a Taipei doctor and a San Francisco programmer who swap houses with each other. Consequences arise from this arrangement that leads to love and heartbreak.

Why watch it?
Since travelling is a hassle nowadays, you can get transported to not one but two different cities in the series.  The 2 love stories have interest twist and turn that will make you want to see more

Descendants of the Sun

This is a 2016 South Korea series is one that propels SK series to the mainstream. It is also a quick fix for those yearning for more love stories after watching Crash Landing on You.

Why watch it?
If there is no CLOY series 2, this would be the next best thing

Kim's Convenience

A Canadian television sitcom that depicts the Korean Canadian Kim Family who runs a convenience store in Toronto

Why watch it?
It's funny, its family, it's in Canada. Why not?

A Quiet Place 

A 2018 American Science Fiction horror film where the family must now face the terrors of the outside world as they fight for survival in silence

Why watch it?
This one is a show well suited for a Pandemic event. Since 'A Quiet Place 2' is delayed, this will fill the gap if you have not watched it before.

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