Non Essential Travels Restrictions : Use annual Leave for SHN and $100 daily support will stop

Before you leave for non-essential travels, read this,

On Saturday, March 14, Singapore introduced new Border Control to restrict the spread of Covid19. In addition, they had issued a travel advisory to defer non-essential travel for the next 30 days.

2 main changes are made as a result of the travel advisory.

1) Annual Leave to be used for any quarantine, stay home notice, leave of absence
Employees who insist on proceeding with non-essential, non-work-related travel outside of Singapore may have to use their annual leave to serve quarantine, stay home notice or company imposed leave of absence.

According to MOM, National Trades Union Congress and Singapore National Employers Federation, Employers may require employees to use advance leave or no pay leave.

Difference between Quarantine, Stay Home Notice, Leave of Absence are explained here.

2) Removal of eligibility for $100 daily support for affected workers
Previously, anyone serving quarantine or SHN is eligible for $100 daily support to employers or self-employed. This will not be provided to those with non-essential travels after Sunday.

Other guidelines include providing additional paid leave for workers who proceed with work-related travel plans to cover quarantine periods, stay home notice, or flight delays. Employers should also accede to staff's requests to abstain from work-related travel and not penalised for it.

In a nutshell, proceed with non-essential travels at your own risk.

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