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Singapore's Border Control to expand to ASEAN countries, Japan, UK and Switzerland

Singapore will be issuing new measures to counter the threat of COVID 19 from aboard

From March 16 2359pm, all travellers including Singapore residents, long term pass holders and short term visitors will be issued with a 14 day stay at home notice if they enter Singapore with recent travel history to ASEAN Countries, Japan, Switzerland of UK.

The exception to this will be entry from Malaysia via land and sea checkpoints due to the proximity and dependence between the 2 countries.  The high volume of travellers totally 800,000 on a daily basis would also make the tracking complicated. However, travellers via AIR are not exempted. Short Term Visitors from any ASEAN country will have to submit requisite information on their health to the Singapore Overseas Misson in the country of residence BEFORE the intended date of travel.

This measure will address the increasing number of foreigners coming to Singapore with the sole intention to seek treatment for Covid19.

Singapore's Border Control Measures ( As of March 15)

Stay Home Notice
Travellers with any travel history to ASEAN countries, Japan, Switzerland or UK within the last 14 days will be issued a 14 day stay home notice. They will have to provide proof of a place where they will serve notice. This could be a hotel booking covering the entire period or residence of their own or family members.

They are to remain at the chosen location at ALL time for 14 days. Swap tests for Covid19 may be carried out even if asymptomatic

Our earlier post on Covid19 imported cases had highlighted the escalating numbers from selected countries. We had observed that 3/4 of the new cases are Singapore citizens, PR, SWP and LTPH. We had also suggested locals to relook their travel plans and defer any unnecessary travel.

You can read our earlier post here

The UK was singled out for giving up containment. As we had suggested earlier, UK pose a threat to Covid19 due to their herd mentality stance on Covid19.

We were surprised that the US is not on the list. There are already 4 imported cases from US, with US coming straight after France and Germany and had triple the confirm number compared to UK and Switzerland. US has 3045 cases till date compares with Switzerland at 1376.

Nonetheless, the potential political fallout might be the reason for the deferment on this. Any measures against US might be taken as unfriendly and might lead to a bigger political and economic fallout in the future. 

MOH advised to Defer Non-Essential Travel for the next 30 days
MOH had also issued advice to Singaporeans to defer ALL non-essential travel aboard with immediate effect for the next 30 days. Singaporeans looking to travel during the March school holidays are advised to review their travel plans.  With other countries imposing similar measures, travellers will now be subjected to both overseas and local measures.

Travel Advisory is subjected to review thereafter depending on the Covid19 situation.

What does it mean for families

  • Advice to defer travel for the next 30 days will affect families travelling. Once travel advisories are given, travel insurance may be reduced or void depending on the terms of the individual policies.
  • As it is a short week, most families will travel to neighbouring ASEAN countries. With the new ruling, it would mean that they will be issued Stay At Home Orders when they return after March 16.
  • Planning ahead for June holidays is not advisable. Depending on the situation, these measures might still be in place till then.

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Today- Sporeans urged to defer all non-essential travel, mandatory self-quarantine imposed on more visitors.

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