The Causeway Today : This one is for the History book

Shut Down...

This is how the Woodlands Causeway and Tuas Causeway look today.
Woodlands Causeway

Tuas Checkpoint

Never in Singapore history has the both Woodlands Causeway and Tuas Causeway look so deserted.

Since Malaysia imposed an international lockdown from March 18 to 31. There was a mad scramble on both sides of the Straits of Johor last evening to beat the dateline.

A scene from last night
Woodlands Checkpoint

Tuas checkpoint

There are still some activities going in and out of Malaysia. With the lockdown, this is a one-way route for the drivers as only Malaysians can enter the country and Foreigners can depart. Other than the occasional car or two, there are hardly any traffic on the causeway.

The Lone Ranger

This timelapse by CNA tells a million words

Today, it is just empty roads. It's a historical symbol that would probably define the generation that would live through Covid19. Our kids would have quite a tale to tell their children and grandchildren. We would just leave this here so we will never forget this day.

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