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What will you do if Covid19 cases spike in Singapore?

If Covid19 spikes in Singapore, what would you do?

For the past month and a half. Singapore had done a good job of keeping Covid19 in check. Compared to the rest of the fall, we had fallen off the charts of cases in Covid19. At the beginning of the virus spreading, we were number 2 behind China. As of March 4 we had dropped to number 10 with 112 cases. With the numbers in Europe increasing rapidly, we would probably end up out of the top 10 countries with Covid19 by end of the week.

As good as the numbers look, it is almost inevitable that the numbers would spike up in the future.
For the record, 2 new clusters had emerged over the past week with original sources unknown

  1. Wizlearn Technologies Pte Ltd (93,95,97,98,99,100,101,102,103,104,105,108.110)
  2. Safra Jurong Private Dinner Function (94,96,107,112,114,115,116,117)
Given the speed of the spread all across the world, unless we cut ourselves off from the rest of the world, Covid19 cases in Singapore will rise. This time, it will be imported from the Rest of the World rather than China. Eventually, it will reach the community and like flu. Potentially, a large number of us will eventually catch Covid19.

That brings the question. When that happens, where does it leave us?

As a parent, the first instinct is to protect the family.

  • Should we shield our children and keep them at home when the outbreak happens in Singapore?
  • Do we venture out to play or even go to school when there is an outbreak?
  • What will happen to the routines that we are so used to?
  • Will we still be able to keep our jobs when the anticipated downturn occurs?

On a national front, bigger issues loom

  • Will there be sufficient medical resources to cope with the outbreak?
  • Will the economy falter and lead to job losses?
  • Will there be enough supply of necessities?

All these questions run through our mind. The main problem is fear. If we give in it, it would be worse than the virus itself. We would be irrational and convince ourselves that catching Covid19 is a death sentence even though there are zero fatalities in Singapore. We would refuse to head outdoors even though the risk of transient transmission is low. We will hoard necessities even though if they are sufficient supplies.

If we do all the above, there is only the one way it will go... spiralling down.

If we choose to see the facts.

  • Covid19 is not a death sentence
  • Covid19 has a high recovery rate
  • Covid19 is not the plague
  • Covid19 mortality rate is higher in people with pre-existing illness
  • Covid19 fatality in kids are extremely low

We would survive this.

Life would not go back to pre Covid19, at least not in the near future. In fact, it will probably get a lot worse with panic thrown in for good measure. Even if we stay strong, the world as a whole may not. Should we be worried?

If we were to be rational like how we had been for the past few weeks, perhaps we would revert to normal at a faster rate than we expect.  Singapore's Gold Standard in dealing with Covid19 will be put to the test.

To panic or be rational?

The choice is ours.

What would you choose?

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