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Giant to re-open at Parkway Parade?

Is Giant coming back to Parkway Parade?

A few weeks ago we reported that Giant would be closed at Parkway Parade

Apparently, we are not the only one shopping at Parkway Parade. The post went viral with over 450 shares in a short period of time.

Having a Hypermart is convenient at Parkway Parade.  Despite not having an MRT station, Parkway Parade has always seen a steady flow of foot traffic given its good balanced mix of retail, food and supermarkets. It even has a movie theatre so you could almost do everything at Parkway Parade.
To lose a Hypermart would probably see its traffic reduce given the purpose it serves.

Parkway Parade has also indicated that another Hypermart will be replacing Giant. However, it was discreet as to whom it will be.

Over the weekend, we decided to check out the same place to see if there are any clues who will be taking over Giant.

From the worksite permit, it seems like Giant is the tenant  linked to the renovation. Upon checking both Parkway Parade Directory and Giant Website, Parkway Parade Giant is still listed as a tenant in both. 
Still Listed in Giant

Sill Listed at Parkway Parade

A check on the contractor's website also provided some clues to the client. Giant was a customer for A Max Pte Ltd before this renovation

Does this mean that Giant will make a return to Parkway Parade?

The renovation permit stated that it will be completed on Apr 2020. There is a possibility that Cold Storage or Market Place might replace it. The former has already a unit in Parkway at the basement while the latter has just recently closed the shop an I12Katong due to the renovation. Who knows, we might even get a hybrid of sorts replacing Giant at Parkway Parade.

We have only one more month to find out. In the meantime, our bets are for a return of Giant to Parkway Parade!

Crossing our fingers...

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