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Living in Condos? You have to know these new COVID19 guidelines by BCA

Can you exercise in your Condo common areas?

BCA had clarified Safe Distancing Measures in its latest circular in regards to Condominiums.

Recently, there were a few cases of infringement in condos. Some residents were caught using pool, gym and not wearing masks. Condos have been a grey area given that the premises are considered private property. In addition, enforcement within the compound might be difficult as Safe Distancing Ambassadors may not be stationed at the compound at all times.

Common facilities for sports and recreational purpose to be close.
All common facilities in strata-titled development that are used for sports and recreational purposes such as the swimming pool, playground, clubhouse, function room, tennis court, gym, barbeque pits, rooftop gardens MUST be closed from 7 April. 

Exercise and Walking of Pets not allowed in the common area.
Gardens , Playgrounds, pools, open spaces and paths are required to be close. No exercise is allowed in the common area.

All exercises and pet walking are to be done in public path or open space managed by Government of public body and is accessible to the general public without payment of fee

Children playing within the common areas of the estate
Children would not be allowed to play in the common areas of the estate.

Residents are to wear masks while going about within the estate.
MCST and security guards to enforce. When necessary, residents can escalate the report to BCA with detailed information at this link 

Renovation works to be suspended with immediate effect form 7 Apr.
Only essential services such as emergency repairs of roofs, ceilings, walls, floor water leakages, electrical repairs, aircon prepare and plumbing repairs in homes are permitted.

For list of essential service, do refer to BCA website

Do note that non-essential services such as routine servicing of air-conditioning units in residential unites and the new installation of equipment in residential units and common areas are not allowed.

MSCT and Security Guards power of enforcement
MSCT and security guards are advised to step up patrol and to ensure residents observe the safe distancing measures. When necessary, the Managing Agents(MA) can escalate the report to BCA at with detailed information (location, date, time and photographic evidence)

Wha can you do if you see an offence?
For MSCT not following guidelines, residents can provide feedback to BCA via this link

For residents not following guidelines, report to your MCST or MA. For recalcitrant cases, MCST and MA may provide feedback to BCA with detailed information for action.

We had bought this up as an issue previously, you can read more about why Condos may be a potential cluster if the measures are not implemented

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