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Daily Dose : A Reprieve

Good Morning

Good news to start our midweek daily dose with a dip in the number of cases reported. Let's dive in.

1) 528 Cases, lowest in a week

Work Permit Dorms: 511
Community cases: 17
10 Spore/PR/WP, 7 Work Permit outside dorms

Looks like the numbers are coming down. If it keeps up for the next few days, we would be in a great spot. The total community cases had dropped from the 40s to 17. Work Permit cases outside of Dorms has also dropped significantly. The Dorms numbers are also looking good.

However, for the latter, we have to be cautious as the majority of testing now shift to dorms with lesser infection rate to prevent clusters. There might be a spike in the following days if Dorms with high infection rates are added to the test cycles.

Source: MOH

2 BCA issued circular on Condos. Includes a ban on exercising and walking dogs on common property.

Other restrictions include children playing in common areas and Residents to wear masks

All the changes can be found here

3 140 people face fines for social distancing measures, not wearing masks
Given that it is day 22, there should be zero offenders by now...

Source: Today

4 Plan for new sites to house recovered migrant workers revealed

We wrote about it here first before this was announced.

Did someone read our website (again)?

Source: ST

5 More than 18 K bed spaces for isolation needs, another 23 K in the pipeline
This is currently more than the current number of confirmed cases. This means that we still have some capacity to play with.

However, it also means that we are expecting more cases in the near future.

Source: CNA

6 Sheng Shiong Staff gets an additional 1-month salary
Sheng Shiong Profits rose 49.9% in Q1, staff to get additional month salary. Looks like profits may continue heading to Q2

Source: ST

7 Man rents pool on landed property for 10K a month to swim
 When you need the exercise and have spare cash to spare.

Source: ST

8 Robot Safe Ambassador at work in parks
Move over Robocop, we have our own in town

9 Esprit Closing all Asian Shops including Singapore
Use to be a favourite in the 90s and 2000s, this once popular brand will be leaving Asia ex China

Source: SCMP

10 Pentagon releases UFO sightings

Maybe they are the ones who bought COVID19 to earth?

Source: ST

10 Olympics may be cancelled in coronavirus persists next year
Will Tokyo miss out on holding the Olympics?

Source: CNN

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