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What is a Community Isolation Facility - An inside look

Have you heard of Community Isolation Facility?

You probably heard that Singapore Expo is destinated to be the place where recovering Covid-19 patients will head to. Some may wonder how is Singapore Expo going to be an Isolation Facility given the vastness of the venue.

Mdm Ho Ching had an updated her Facebook with a post that bought some insight into how this facility is going to be like.

Here are the main points
  • It is known as a Community Isolation Facility
  • Downtown East Resort is currently used for such purpose.
  • It is meant for clinically well COVID19 cases who are still shedding the virus. These patients are well enough to walk about and have no more pneumonia.
  • For such patients, they are isolated from non-sick people. However, they need not be isolated from each other. They are free to mingle with each other.
  • There will be cubicles for privacy when needed.
  • Common interaction is provided so they can interact with one another.
If you have not heard about Community Isolation Facility and how it works, now you know!

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