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Delivery Service : Precaution to take during Circuit Breaker

Take note for delivery service

For most who are staying at home, ordering food delivery or grocery delivery would probably be the norm. While it is safer to order in than heading outdoors now, it is not entirely safe. We had a call from MOH a day before informing us that one of the person who delivered an item to our house had been tested for COVID19.  Due to limited interactions, we were told that there is no need for Stay Home Notice or quarantine. In addition, it has been past 14 days since the delivery, so we are relatively safe as long as no symptoms appear.

The episode taught us one thing.

Never let your guard down, even if it is for delivery service. To be fair, home delivery is still a better option than heading out to join the crowds at hawkers or supermarkets. Nonetheless, given the severity of the situation, we just have to be cautious. Even, the safer option does not mean it is risk-free.

There are a few ways you could catch the virus during a delivery service

Meeting face to face with delivery personal
Avoid face to face meeting if possible. Ask for delivery to leave the parcel at the door for you to collect later. If there is a need to sign a document, ask the document to be slip under the door for you to sign

Collection of Goods
The virus does leave its traces on parcels. It is not known if it is a major source of transmission, but better to be safe than sorry.

Signing of documents
For most delivery companies there is a need to sign off on packages.  The use of the same pen for different clients is a risk for transmission.
How your food is collected

What can be done?

Delivery person to wear mask all the time
Given that delivery man will have close contact most of the time with either food operators, warehouses personnel or customers, the guidelines stated that masks must be worn at these encounters.

Wear gloves for the delivery personnel
Wearing gloves would add another layer of protection for both the delivery personnel and customers

Customer to sign with their own stationery
To be on the safe side, the customer are to sign off with their own pens.

Disinfect the product when received
When possible, disinfect the product before use. For food, remove the packaging and transfer to your own containers.

Companies to adopt drop off option.
Some companies already adopted the drop off option. Given that almost all are working from home, delivery companies might want to consider re-evaluating the delivery process. This would give delivery personnel and customers a peace of mind during this period.

It does not matter how many precautions you had taken when you are outdoors. Sometimes, the virus can strike in the comfort of your own home unknowingly. Regardless if you are indoors or outdoors, keep vigilant at all times.

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