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Daily Dose : Your one stop daily update on Covid10 - Apr 18

Apr 3: 1114
Apr 17: 5050

Good Morning. It's the weekend. No need to WFH or HBL, so grab a glass of wine together with your Daily Dose.

1) Singapore cross 5000 mark
With 623 cases, we hit 5050. To put things in perspective, we were at 1114 on Apr 3 when CB was announced. How did we get to this number in a short span of 2 weeks?

On the positive front, the majority of the cases are FW in dorms. However, the sheer number would mean that the healthcare system is under stress.

Source: MOH

2) 11th Fatality of COVID19
95 year old Singapore Citizen. Cases 3145 confirmed on Apr 13

3) Will Circuit Breaker extend beyond May 4?

With kiddy gloves out and pull no punches with our frank assessment

Source: TWD

4) Halls in Spore sports hub to be converted to Temporary housing for FW without symptoms

It is not the only place announced!

Source: Today

5) Cruise shops assess for feasibility to temporary house healthy FW

In addition to Sports Hub Hall, Cruise Ships are now being considered as Temporary Housing

Source: ST

6) Rumors of partial lockdown are untrue
Rumors that Singapore will split into 4 sectors and movement are restricted within these sectors are untrue. The person who invented the rumor probably watched too many zombie movies.


7) Mcdonald's to stop takeaway

Only Drive Thru at selected outlets and McDelivery available.

Source: MCD

8) Netlink Contractor tested positive for  COVID19
2 contractors had visited 34 homes during incubation period

Source: CNA

9) Krispy Kreme to close - No delivery option 

Outlets will close till further notice

Source: Krispy Kreame

10) Gilead Sciences  antiviral medicine remdesivir shows positive results

This resulted in a market rally overnight.

Source: Stat News

11) Largest List of Online Grocery Stores by The Wacky Duo

We know its the weekend, that does not mean you have to jostle with the crowd for groceries. Go grocery shopping with our mega list here

Source: TWD

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