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Real vs Fake news for the week : Can you tell which is which?

Real news vs Fake news

This week has seen a flurry on news base on social distancing floating on the net.  There had been reports of breaches of social distancing and police actions on it. In addition, there was also major news pertaining to lockdown in Singapore.

While some are real, others are manipulated to look like authentic news. Can you tell which news is real and which news is fake?


1 Woman who filmed Police Officers after brazenly flouting the wear mask rule at Shunfu Market- Fine $300 (Apr 16)

Not adhering to the laws is one thing. Taking an open opposition to those who are enforcing it is another. She probably deserve more than a fine. On the other hand, Shunfu Market appears well stock for veggies!

2) Couple Drinking and Kissing at Upper Boon Keng Rd - Fine $300 (Apr 15)

Couple breached the elevated safe distancing measures (no social gathering) and was fined. This one has no excuse.

Source: Asia One 

3) Woman fined at for eating at Changi Airport Food Court - Fine $300 (Apr 16)

Elderly Woman fined for eating at Changi Airport. At these times, we are heading more and more cases of elderly in trouble with the law over social distancing measures. There are genuine cases of distress and anxiety, especially among those suffering from an illness like Alzheimer. Do spare a thought for them

Source: Mothership

4) Man fined for socialising at Bubble Tea Outlet  (Apr 14)

This one sparks a few fake news. The real deal was that the man did not maintain safe distancing when conversing with a friend at a Bubble Tea outlet

Source: AsiaOne


The following are verification from Singapore Police Force as well as other sources

1 FAKE : PM Lee to address partial Lockdown (Apr 17)

There were messages circulating that a partial lockdown will be imposed in Singapore with the region splitting into 4. In addition, PM Lee was supposed to announce the measures on Friday night.

Source: ST

1 Man fined $300 for sending friend home at Police Roadblocks (Apr 11)
There is a reported $300 fine for being caught sending a friend home

The reported fine DID NOT happened. It is related to the bubble Tea Incident under the Real News above. Road blocks are for law enforcement purposes

 Source: SPF

2 Man fined $300 for buying breakfast at foodcourt without a mask. (Apr 11)

The photo that accompanies the message is the same as the Police Roadblock

REAL: This reported fine was BEFORE the compulsory mask ruling.

 Source: SPF

3 Man arrested in Pharmacy for no mask (Apr 13)

This was not true. The man was arrested for shop theft and disorderly behaviour

Source: SPF

4 Police conduct random checks on residential units and impose strict fines (Apr 12)

Police do not conduct random checks. The rumour started when police were spotted attending to a case of family dispute and issued a warning to a couple found inside the unit for making a visit for non-essential pu

Source: SPF

5 Police will arrest for flouting SDM (Apr 11)

Police had not arrested anyone for flouting SDM . The video circulating on an elderly man arrested was because he fails to return to a welfare home

6 Fake Mindef Recruitment Ad

Fake ad circulating on Whatsapp as asking for ex WOSPEC for task force with an inducement of $5000 cash and the need to provide personal particular. While there is such an exercise, MINDEF did not ask for private particulars through this channel.

7 Grabfood delivery man fine $300 for wearing cloth as mask or illegal parking.

The truth was that Police Officers were helping him as the latter suspect theft from his motorcycle.

Source: SPF

Fake News Law Singapore
There is a fake news law in Singapore. A breach will be liable to a fine of up to $50000 and/or term of 5 years. For non-individuals , it will be a fine of up to $500,000 will be imposed.

So remember, before you share the news you see on Whatsapp the next time, do verify the source and authenticity before sharing. For all you know, you might become the source of fake news and be subjected to the rule of the laws.

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