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SMRT : Please do not reduce train frequencies during PEAK hours

On Apr 15, it was announced that train operating hours and frequencies will be changed.

From 17 Apr to 4 May, the following changes will be made.

🚆 North-South, East-West and Circle Lines:
 Train operating hours will end about 30 minutes earlier
 Train frequencies will be reduced to no more than 5 minutes during peak periods and around 10 minutes during off-peak periods

🚆 Thomson-East Coast Line:
Train operating hours will be shortened, operating from 6.30am to 8pm
 Train service frequencies remain unchanged

🚆 Bukit Panjang LRT:
Train operating hours and train service frequencies remain unchanged

While in theory it looked like a right move given the reduced ridership.

In reality, this is what happened on the first day of operations.

Source: FB Andrew Sim
Source: FB Mandy, Alvin, Elvis, AJ, Hua Hua , Mann ,Lim QY, Shu-ri
From the photos by those taking the trains during peak hours,  the move was miscalculated especially for trains heading towards the west. 

Most essential services are in the West and many are still heading to work via train. With the reduction of frequencies, it will lead to situations where safe distancing would not work.

The riders had expressed their feedbacks on SMRT Facebook post. Most were displeasure that this was implemented without much thoughts. We do hope the authorities would reconsider this move and revert back to the original timing. That was with a reduced workforce, safe distancing could be practised.

Coming off the spikes at the dorms due to overcrowding, we do not need another community spread done via transportation. Furthermore, this group of personnel belongs to essential service.  The last thing we should do is to put them at risk.

Please reassess before the workweek begins on Monday!

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