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COVID19 Helplines - Reporting Offenders, Stress Helplines, Covid19 related Matters

Feeling Stress about Covid19 but do not know who to turn to?

During this period of uncertainty with new practises such as  Work From Home (WFH) and Home Base Learning( HBL), many are facing challenges they had not encountered before. While some can adapt, there will be those who cannot cope.

These are some numbers you can call


If you are a concerned citizen and have seen people flouting the Circuit Breaker Measures, here is what you can do.

One Service
If you have seen an offence relating to COVID19, you can take a photo and send it via One Service to report

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SHN Helpline (MOH) - 6812 5555
Call this number for Stay Home Notice Enquiries

MOH COVID19 Hotline - 1800 333 9999
You can call  MOH COVID19 Hotline for COVID-19 related questions. If you have queries on funeral proceeding, visitation rules or any other COVID19 questions, This will be the number to call

If you are experience stress and anxiety during this period, you can call the following

National Care Hotline: 62026868
Experiencing stress, call this hotline for General Anxiety and Stress
If you are facing Martial or Parenting Stress, contact CPH Online counselling for Live Chat or email
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

SOS(Samaritans of Singapore ) 24 hours: 18000 221 4444
SAF Hotline ( For SAF Personnel) 24 hours: 1800 278 0022 

If you are feeling really down and having suicidal thoughts, do call SOS or SAF Hotline. Do not face it alone. Call someone and have a talk.

For a full list of numbers to call on matters dealing with depression, you can refer to this list for the appropriate numbers to call.

If you are providing a service and would like to add the information to this list, drop us an email here.

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