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DAILY DOSE : COVID19 headlines Apr 11

3000 warnings, 40 fines and 20 police cases

Good morning. Daily Dose kicks off with news that matters to Singapore on Covid19.

@ Singapore

1) Start of the long weekend and everyone is coming out to play.

Old habits die hard. Instead of staying home this long weekend, you have families heading out to parks, cyclists and runners continue to defy the advisories and long queues of people at the wet market.

It has already been stated clearly, exercise on your own. Not have a day of fun cycling and flying kites with kids in the park!

For those exercise fanatics who had a sudden urge to exercise since the pandemic started.This is not the time to start now, especially when you 'jio' your friends to join you. We know you want a buff body but with socialisation limited to Zoom apps, it is really not necessary at this time.

As for those who lament queues are everywhere in markets, consider heading to supermarkets to get your groceries. I did it today at 6am. ZERO Queue and hardly a soul to siam.

2) 198 cases 71 unlink 1 death

On Apr 1 , we had 1000 cases, in just 10 days, we hit over 2000.

MOH reported 198 cases yesterday with 71 unlink case and the 7 official death - an 86 year old Singapore Citizen. In addition new clusters were identified
Dormitory at 31 Sungei Kadut Ave (case 1731,1735,1830,1831)
ICA Building (case 1553,1650,1698,1733)
Renovation site at NUH Case (14 cases)

It took us 2 months to hit 1000 and only 10 days to double that. At the rate we are going. 3000 is just a few days away.

Time to wake up from our slumber and take this seriously!

3) 200 non-essential business ordered shut, bubble tea outlet fined for no safe distancing measures.

Don't mess with the law. It is there to safeguard us. Everyone is affected in this pandemic one way or another. While we understand the need to work, defying the law will only make the pain longer. 200 non-essential business was ordered shut as a result.

As for Bubble Tea. They should just close it already. Why is it even essential in the first place?

It's a place where young people would flock to. Some would even designate it as meeting spots despite the no socialising advisory.

4) What's the end game for COVID-19

We explore the options for Singapore in the fight against COVID19.

Would the nation choose Herd Immunity, Eradication or just wait and see?

If you are interested to know what is Singapore's end game for COVID19, read this.

5) Covid19 Helplines

Need to report a circuit breaker number?
Feeling Stress and anxiety over COVID19?
Have questions on COVID-19?

Our readers had requested for the numbers, so we list them here.

6) PM Lee speaks on COVID19 impact on Foreign Workers

See his full speech here

7) SIA and SCOOT offer money back or bonus flight credit

It is valid for flights up to May 31st. It used to just flight credit option available. There is no word if it will be extended to June where some families would have pre-book June Holidays.

8) No face mask, no entry to Markets from Tomorrow

Starting from Apr 12, face mask is required for all who head out to the markets. No entry will be given to those without a mask.

9) Changes to childcare arrangements during circuit breaker

It was announced the day before that parents cannot send children to grandparents on a daily bases.

Exemptions are provided now for those who are bringing children to caregivers on a daily basis
1) Both parents are essential service workers and unable to work from home
2) One parent is a healthcare professional and is unable to work from home
3) One parent is an essential worker who is unable to work from home and have a child/children below age of 3

@ World

1) Malaysia extends MCO to Apr 28
Looks like renovation works and furnishing supplies from Malaysia will be on hold till the end of the month as Malaysia extends MCO from Apr 14 to Apr 28.

2) Over 100K deaths recorded around the world

US soars to over 500 k and 18 K deaths. Death rate already exceed H1N1 in over a year's span. Guess the it's just a flu debate has been settled.

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