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Covid19- Is it safe to run in the Stadium, Park or Path ?

Can you still even run?

The new law on Restrictions of Movement  allows the following

To engage in any recreational activity in an open-air stadium, public path or public park along or with any other individual who lives with the firstmentioned individual.

While the term recreational activity it debatable, running is deemed as an activity that is allowed. Being a regular runner myself, I welcome the regulation. However, I am also wary of the dangers lurking in every corner.

Is it safe to run?
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If you are running alone with no one near you, it will be safe for yourself and for others. It is well known that during a run, one tends to exhale at a bigger rate than normal breathing. In addition, coughing would not be unexpected as the runner catches his or her breath. That means the possibility of droplets of virus can linger in the air.

Open Air Stadium
While it is open air, you are confined to a limited space with many people surrounding you. If you are there during peak period, you would probably have safe distancing issue if the venue is crowded. For running, it is recommended that you have a space of at least 5 metres rather than 1m due to slipstream effect.

You can read more about the studies on jogging during Covid19 here

While the park allows you more space to manoeuvre, the rule remains the same. If it is crowded, it might be better to jog back home instead.

Given that most are supposed to stay at home unless heading for essential, there should be technically fewer people on pathways. It is probably safer for the runner than those on the pathways in this case.

How to run safely?

Given Singapore's density, space is a premium. If you have been out lately, you would have spot many joggers out on the street. It is almost unavoidable to see one every other 50 metres. Nonetheless, you could still run safely if you adopt these methods

Solo Run
Run alone, not with a partner. Running alone means you have more flexibility on where you run. Running alone also means lesser risk for those on your path.Do not use running as an excuse to socialise by running in groups.

Run during off-peak hours
Either run earlier in the morning before 630am or late in the evening after 10pm. There are hardly any pedestrians along the streets at these times.

Run in your neighbourhood
Run at 6am, not a soul around

No need to make a special trip to the Stadium or to the parks. If there is a path, you can run. Discover what your neighbourhood has to offer during the run. You may uncover pockets of space and serenity in around where you stay. For those staying near a landed enclave, you might want to use that proximately to jog there instead of around near shopping amenities.

If you still want to head to the parks, best check how crowded it is first before you go. You can check it on this link,

Should you wear a mask?
If you are heading out on a solo run early in the day where you would avoid people, wearing a mask is unnecessary. If you are going for a run in a crowded stadium. Please wear one. It is not to protect you but to protect others from you when you huff and puff down the track.

Should you exercise on the public exercise equipment after a run?
In general, most public sports facilities are restricted. In some public parks, they are cordoned off. If you are going on a run, focus not the run. You can do your warm down when you are back home.

Have a safe run when you are heading out.
Remember staying healthy is a good thing but not at the expense of your life.

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