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Restrictions of Movements : Detailed list of what you can or cannot do

The rules of Restriction of Movements is now out.

You can find the full details from the Government Gazette here. This post is meant to simplify the terms on the Gazette with excerpts from the Gazette. Please refer to the Government Gazette No S 254 before reading this. This post is NOT meant to replace or supplement the Gazette

Restrictions of Movement on People

Restrictions on leaving or entering the place of residence.

The regulation does not apply to an individual who is subject to movement control measure  ( eg SHN, Quarantine)

Every individual must stay at or in, and not leave, his or her ordinary place of residence in Singapore except for the following 12 reasons
  1. Work for or with an essential service provider, a specified school or an early childhood development centre
  2. Procure any goods or services from an essential service provider or a specified school
  3. To obtain medical treatment for suspected COVID-19 infection at the hospital, medical clinic or any other place designated as such or to obtain medical treatment that is of a pressing nature
  4. To engage in any recreational activity in an open-air stadium, public path or public park alone or with any other individual who lives with the firstmentioned individual
  5. where an individual work for or with an essential service provider, to bring the individual's child or children to a place where the child or children are to have cared for @@
  6. To assist any individual who has a physical or mental disability, or is below 12 of age or above 60 years of age with his or her daily needs. ##
  7. To report for enlistment or service under the Enlistment Act ( Cap 93)
  8. To report to any law enforcement officer or to attend at any court in accordance with any warrant, summons, order made under any written law or order of a court.
  9. To be present at any place in accordance with a requirement under any written law
  10. To seek or render help in an emergency **
  11. To move to another place of accommodation
  12. To leave Singapore

To do anything reasonably connected with the following

  • For the purpose of enabling the provision or supply of any essential service at the place of residence
  • For the purpose of providing the care of any child mentioned @@
  • To receive any assistance related to ##
  • To receive help in an emergency mentioned in **

Alternative place of Residence
If an individual is unable to stay in his or her ordinary place of residence because to do so poses a serious risk of transmission of COVID-19 to the individual or other individuals stay there, an enforcement offer may direct the individual to stay at another designated place for a specified period or until the risk of transmission has abated.

Prohibition on social gatherings
Unless otherwise permitted under these regulations, a person must not meet another individual not living in the same place of residence for any social purpose.

Individuals to keep a safe distance
When an individual leaves his or her place of residence for one of the permitted purposes in the regulation, the individual must keep a distance of at least one metre from any other individual in any public place or common property except
  • any lift
  • any motor vehicle or other mode of conveyance
  • premised used in connection with the provision of public transport

An individual must not, without reasonable excuse 
  • sit on a seat that is not fixed to the floor and that is less than 1 metre away from another seated individual in a public place.
  • sit on a fixed seat in a public place that is demarcated as not to be occupied
  • stand in a queue less than 1 metre away from another individual

Restrictions on the use of sports or recreational facilities
An individual must not use any sports or recreation facilities
  • in the common property of a subdivided building which is the individuals' ordinary place of residence
  •  or in any public place except for open-air stadium or a public park
Closure of premises
The management corporation of any residential premises which is a subdivided building must close any swimming pool, gym, sauna, function room, barbecue pit or any sports or recreations facility whether or not it is in an enclosed area, that is in or on the common property of the budling.

For clarity, do refer to the official Gazette.
Alternatively, call MOH Emergency Line for COVID-19 enquired at 1800 333 9999 for clarification.

Do follow the rules!

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