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Dasio - Close, Open , Close within 24 hours.

Close - Open - Close?

Daiso has undergone a full closure, a temporary reopening and a full closure in just 24 hours

We had shared this on FB on the reopening and had a mixed response.

On 7 April , DASIO had announced that they will be temporarily closing stores as part of Circuit Breaker measures from 7 Apr to 4 May 2020.  It was a disappointment to some fans as fellow competitor Don Don Donki remains open during this period.

This morning, there was a surprise announcement that selected stores will be opened after receiving permission to operate.

Within hours, Daiso did a Full Uturn. They will be reverting to store closure from 7 April to 4 May. It is probably due to public pressure that this happens. While Daiso provides value for money goods, it will be hard press to deem them as essential. Given the possibility that a partial opening would attract a shopping crowd, perhaps a closure is the best option for now.

This is not the time to push the limit. Everyone including entity should do their part. There are many other companies still doing targetted promotions to entice a crowd. Please be socially responsible, especially in times like this.

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