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Daily Dose : Another day, Another 1 K

Good Morning.

TGIF, it's Friday already?
Time for your daily dose of COVID19 highlights for the day

1) Singapore race ahead of S Korea and Japan

1037 cases, total 11178 cases
Sporeans /PR /Work Passes - 25
WP Holders ex Dorms -30
Total Community Spread -55 *
WP Holders Dorms 982
* We have decided to include WP Holders ex dorms as part of community spread. These workers are living in shophouse, hdb, etc, they are not isolated in dorms so they should be included in the general community

In addition, we think more information needed to be added to the report if possible to make it more meaningful. Currently, the numbers are quite meaningless on its own
- To add the number of workers tested in dorms with respect to the results ( this would show the infection rates in dorms
- To have more details on community spread ( link and unlink cases)

Source: MOH

2) Basic Training suspended till Jun 1 for SAF, SPF and SCDF recruits.

ORD dates to remain unchanged, this means a shorter NS for this batch

Source: Today

3) Jailed for man who breaches Stay home notice to eat Bak Kut Teh
Bak Kut Teh cost him 6 weeks in Jail

Source: Channelnewsasia

4) List of Supermarkets with High Traffic And Alternatives within 1 km

We thought this would be useful to those heading for supply runs

Check out the list here

5) Fairprice on Wheels

Good idea or another potential for crowds?


6) Tanjong Pagar Terminal Set up to potentially house COVID-19 Patients

With the rise in dorms numbers, more facilities are needed.


7) Civil Servant 35 arrested for OSA
She leaked the daily number to a Whatsapp group as well as retrieved confidential records of Covid-19 patient for friend. Those sharing confidential news might also be subjected to OSA

Source: ST

8) 170 people fined for flouting safe distancing act

Another day, another batch fine. This should bring the number of people fined to above 1000.

Source: ST

9) 2 new infection with nursing home links
This would be the most vulnerable group next to the FW

Source: ST

10 ) Malaysia to extend MCO to May 12
Our neighbours are also doing an 8 weeks run

Source: CNA

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