List of Supermarkets with High Traffic and Alternatives within 1 km

Heading out to Supermarkets?

As part of the update on the Extended Circuit Breaker Measures, a list of malls and supermarkets with high traffic was posted. There are 20 areas identified as places with high traffic. 

We decide to scrutinize the list and bring you alternative supermarkets locations within 1 km to each high traffic location. First, here are the list of supermarkets with high traffic.

Source: MIT

1 AMK Hub -  Fairprice Xtra
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3B2-40 S569933
Source: Google Map
Alternative  - Fairprice Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 01-4056 S 560712
Distance: 650M

2 Bukit Panjang Plaza - Fairprice Finest
No 1 Jelebu Rd,01-15 Bukit Panjang Plaza S677743
Source: Google Map
Alternative -Sheng Siong Supermarket Junction 10
1 Woodlands Rd01-07 S 677899
Distance: 500m

3 Causeway Point - Cold Storage
1 Woodlands Square B1-31/32/33 S 738099
Source: Google Map
Alternative -Fairprice Woodlands Civic Centre
900 South Woodlands Dr #B1-01 S730900
Distance: 550m

4 Clementi Mall - Fairprice Finest
3155 Commonwealth Ave WB1-12. S 129588
Source: Google Map
Alternative-Fairprice Clementi Ave 3
Clementi Ave 301-307 Blk 451 S 120451
Distance: 400m

5 Compass One - Cold Storage
1 Sengkang Square #B1-25 S 545078
Source: Google Map
Alternative-U Stars Supermarket
215 Compassvale Drive, 01-01 S 543215
Distance: 550m

6 Great World City - Cold Storage
1 Kim Seng Promenade B1-139 S 237994
Source: Google Map
Alternative-Fairprice Finest Valley Point
491 River Valley Road01-14 S 248371
Distance: 1 KM

7 Hillion Mall - Fairprice Extra
17 Petier Rd , B2-67 S 678278
Source: Google Map
Alternative-Sheng Siong Supermarket Junction 10
1 Woodlands Rd01-07 S 677899
Distance: 800m

8 Jurong Point- Fairprice
No 1 Jurong West Central 2, B1-09 S 648886
Source: Google Map
Alternative- Pioneer Mall-Giant Hypermart
B638 03-01 Jurong West St 61 S 640638
Distance: 1.1 km

9 Nex - Cold Storage / Fairprice Xtra
23 Serangoon Central S556083
Source: Google Map
Alternative-Fortune Supermarket
326 Serangoon Ave 2 S 550307
Distance: 750m

10 Northpoint City - Cold Storage / Fairprice
930 Yishun Ave 2 769098
Source: Google Map
Alternative- Sheng Shiong Supermarket
925 Yishun Central 1 01-212 S760925
Distance: 300m

11 Parkway Parade - Cold Storage
80 Marine Parade Rd S449269
Source: Google Map
Alternative- Fairprice Finest Marine Parade
6 Marine Parade Central S449411
Distance: 300m

12 Seletar Mall-  Fairprice Finest
33 Sengkang West Ave B2-24 S 797653
Source: Google Map
Alternative-Fairprice Jalan Kayu
477A Jln Kayu 01-01/02 S 791447
Distance: 600m

13Tampines Mall- Fairprice
4 Tampines Central 5 B1-12 S529510
Source: Google Map
Alternative- Tampines One Cold Storage
10 Tampines Central 1 #B1-01/02 S 529536
Distance: 350m

14 Tiong Bahru Plaza - Fairprice Finest
302 Tiong Bahru Rd B1-01/02 S 168732
Source: Google Map
Alternative-Fairprice Kim Tian Road
18 Kim Tian Rd S 169252
Distance: 500m

15 Waterway Point - Fairprice Finest
83 Punggol Central B2-32 S 828761
Source: Google Map
Alternative- Sheng Shiong Punggol Central Supermarket 
301 Punggl Central S820301
Distance: 700m

16 Yew Tee Point - Fairprice
61 Choa Chu Kang Dr S 689715

Fairprice  Limbang Shopping Centre 
B 533 Choa Chu Kang Street 51 01-11 S 680533
Distance: 900m

17 Sheng Shiong Fernvale Link
417 Fernvale Link #01-11 S 790417
Source: Google Map
Alternative-Fairprice Jalan Kayu
477A Jln Kayu 01-01/02 S 791447
Distance: 1 Km

18 Sheng Shiong Jurong West Ave 5
7 Jurong West 5 01-01/08 S649486
Source: Google Map
Alternative-Prime Supermarket
B 736 Jurong West St 75 01-01 S640763
Distance: 950m

19 Sheng Shiong Elias Mall
623 Elias Rd B1-01 S 510623
Source: Google Map
Alternative: Fairprice Pasir Rise West Plaza
734 Pasir Ris Street 72 01-37 S 510734

20 Giant Hypermart Tampines
21 Tampines North Drive 2 S528765
Source: Google Map

Alternative: Fairprice West Plaza

734 Pasir Ris Street 72 01-37 S 510734
Distance: 1.5km

While the alternatives may not replace your usual supermarket vibe, we think if you can get 80% of what you are able to get before, you should change your supply run destination.

Everyone needs to play their part in keeping the virus away. The virus thrives in crowds and that is the reason why one should consider an alternative if it is available.


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