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Daily Dose - CB Day 9 Apr 15

3252 cases - Mask is now compulsory.

Good Morning - Let's dive straight into another historic day in the making.

1) I Don't Love You 3000
We broke the 3000 cases mark with 334 new cases.
This is the second day in a row with over 300 cases.
198 link to clusters
22 Link to others
114 Pending contracts
-85 Work Permit holders
-29 Singapore residents

New clusters at PPT Lodge 1A
The Work Permit cluster continues to be our Achilles Heel. The peak is not expected as tests are increasing over the next few days

Source : MOH

2) Aggressive testing for Dorms

1500 tested over the weekend
5000 more to be tested over the next few days

This would include high-risk asymptomatic workers, including workers who share a room with confirmed cases

7000 essential workes will be medically screen and move to other facilities

Source: CNA

3) On the same note, is it time to Mass Test?

In view of the rising numbers, should we mass test?
Why we think Mass test is not the answer to flatten the curve for the general population

Link : Is it time to Mass Test?

4) Mandatory to wear masks for ALL with few restrictions

Mask is mandatory the moment you step out of the house with exceptions for kids under 2 and those doing strenuous exercise. The latter have to put on the mask once exercise ceases.

Source: ST

5) Permitted exercise activities clarify
You can Walk, Jog and Cycle, You cannot have picnics, group exercising, kite-flying, bird singing or playing games like frisbee or football.
Only members of the same household can exercise together

Source : ST

6) Suspension of Bus Service to CBD and recreational facilities

Due to lower traffic, certain bus services will be suspended. MRT will also have a change in timing

Source : CNA

7) Solidarity Payment is in: How to Spend it?

Not sure how to spend your $600?
Get a 55 inch 4k smart tv or you could donate it too if you do not need it

Link : 10 Ways to spend your $600

8) PAP stops all ground engagements until May 4

At least we now know that there will be no election till then...

Source : Today

9) Help the Vulnerable during circuit Breaker

During Circuit Breakers, there will be people who are vulnerable to the system. Find out how you can help here.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/desmondtslee/posts/4019370551407190

10) 200 fines issued on Apr 14
There are still many who choose not to listen

Source: ST

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