Daily Dose : Highlights of COVID19 news in Singapore Apr 16

Good Morning.

Today's Daily Dose is a bittersweet one.

@ Singapore

1) 447 new cases

Breakdown as follows

Local cases in the community: 38
In the past two weeks, the number of new cases in the community has remained stable, with an average of 36 cases per day.

Work Permit holders (residing outside dormitories): 5

Work Permit holders (residing in dormitories): 404

While the numbers reach record high, they are centralised in Dorms around Singapore. The positive things we could get from the report are that 375 of previous unlink cases are link and local cases ex dorm remains at a manageable number at 38.

The numbers in the dorms are frightening high and probably due to aggressive testing. The race is now for segregation between carriers and those that are well. The implications are high with possible health system being overwhelmed as well as a shortage to manpower fro essential services around Singapore.

While the numbers reach record high, they are centralised in Dorms around Singapore. The positive thing we could get from the report is that

Source: MOH

2) Food Delivery riders to face 1-year suspension if breach safe distancing measures
Source: ST

These include failure to wear mask as well as keeping a safe distance while waiting to collect deliveries


3) Circuit breakers may be switched on and off until Covid 19 vaccine is found: Expert

We could be in this situation till 2021/2022. There will be periods where we can be operational and periods where we might need the circuit breakers. On the whole, we would probably not be back to normalcy until a vaccine is found.

Source : CNA

Eerily , we had highlighted this on our website a couple of days ago

4) Starhub down, enraged the whole nation.

On a day when HBL and WFH are in full force, having a down internet day would not go well with Singapore. It affected both fibre and mobile network for almost the whole afternoon!


5)Din Tai Fung takeaway promo resulted in queues

Long queues are formed to take advantage of a promo to save $6.50 for their famed Pork Chop Fried Rice.

They will be adopting a new system to keep the queues down. However, the public response had not been positive with most calling for an end to takeaway promotions.


6) Mask is compulsory from yesterday. 

1st offence: $300
2nd offence: $1000
If you see a Circuit Breaker offender, this is how to report them

@ World

World cases breach 2 million with 134K deaths.

US alone stands at 640K with 28 K deaths.


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