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Report Safe Distancing Breach via One Service - A Step by Step Guide

Saw a someone who is flouting the Safe Distancing measure?

Instead of taking photos and videos to shame on the internet, why not report them instead?

Now you can do your part. Report the incident via the One Service App. One Service is an App by Ministry of National Development.that is used to book facilities, find parking, give feedbacks submit cases on public facilities. They have since added SAFE DISTANCING under Submit case for citizens to do their part.

Here's how  to report a case for Social Distancing Breach

1) Download One Service App from Google Play or App Store

2) Click on Submit Case 

3) Choose Safe Distancing option under Submit Case

4) Choose a location under Sub-Category

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 5) Select Location

 6) Take a photo

7) Provide details and Submit

What can you report
Safe Distancing breach at the following locations
-HDB Town/ Neighbourhood Centers and HDB Common Areas
-HDB centers and Wet Markets
-Malls and Commercial Areas
-Coffeeshops & F & B in HDB Estates
-Transport Nodes
-Parks and PCNs
-Community Clubes

Do note that for parks, only the following are allowed

Members of the same household can do the following
Walk, Jog, Cycle
Not Permitted activities
Picnics, group exercising, kite-flying, bird singing, or playing games like frisbee and football

If you spotted other breaches of Circuit Measures such as unauthorised visitation or operating of non-essential service, it might be better to head to SPF website to file an e-report

Please do your part and protect Singapore!

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