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Meet Circuit Breaker, Fake News Buster, MAWA Man, Dr Disinfector, Care-Leh DEe-Singapore's defenders against COVID19

Circuit Breaker has been different for quite a number of people.

We see old folks getting agitated, middle-aged folks who think queuing at Markets is a hip thing to do, youngsters taking their e-scoters for a joy ride at the CTE, young kids getting all wired up with HBL.

We thought we had seen it all... until GOV.SG pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

Introducing the new team, Virus Vanguard from GOV.SG from a parallel world. Apparently, they had taken over the commands of GOV.SG.

Meet Circuit Breaker, Fake News Buster, MAWA Man, Dr Disinfector, Care-Leh Dee

When we first saw it, we thought it originated from a satire website. We rubbed our eyes a few time and finally accepted it as a piece from GOV.SG

On normal times, this would past off as cheesy. Its an obvious attempt by the top trying to find a connection with the ground. However, on a day when 1426 cases are reported, propelling Singapore to 8014 cases and the highest number of cases in SE Asia, we are beginning to wonder where the priorities lie. Not only the timing was way off, but it was also bad taste to introduce it on a website that Singaporeans now reverently follow for the latest in COVID-19.

At the end of the day, it will be a waste not to introduce our new defenders.
Source: GOV.SG

Circuit Breaker - Highly advanced robot piloted by 12 year of girl, MIn Moh

Thre is a back story too, plus weakness and abilities. We are not going to lay the cringe on you, you can read it here.

Source: GOV.SG

Fake News Buster -wields the Mallet of Truth and wears a suit with force enhancing nodes to generate power when knocking sense into people. Otherwise, he is Felix, a corporate cog data cruncher in his late 20s. ( We did not make this up. It was copied word for word from the introduction)
Source: GOV.SG

MAWA Man - enforces safe-distancing (Must Always Walk Alone) as he repels people and objects far apart. To his friends, he is Manzoorakkaman (Man Man for short), a sports super-agent in his late 30s. 

Apparently, he is a Man U fan who is anti-Liverpool ( see his insignia). This is bound to ruffle a few Liverpool fans .
Source: GOV.SG

Dr Disinfector can detect the presence of any virus or bacteria and she dons an exoskeleton suit with extended multi-appendages to eradicate and disinfect. Ordinarily, she is Darshita, a microbiologist at Singapore Clinical Research Institute in her mid-20s (Let's hope they do not get a call from Sony questioning the similarity between her and Doc Octopus)

Care-Lee Dee -pronounced Care Lady) uses empathy to absorb all negativity, or to send torrents of powerful emotions to her target. Not ordinary even in person, she is Diyana Amperthee, a female trillionaire philanthropist of unknown age.

Hahahahaha. Don't get me started.

Well here are your superhero. Do you trust them?
If not, I would recommend bringing back our old-time favourite VR Man for this battle.

I guess in these precarious time, we do need a little humour to keep our spirits up. As for the one who made up the characters from a Parallel World, he or she must be a Fan of Korea Latest Drama - The King : Etermal Monarch on Netflix. Either that, the person approving this had probably joined the short circuit club.

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