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Daily Dose : Highest and Lowest

1426 cases in one day.

Good Morning. Welcome to our daily dose of COVID19 news. With a big number as a headline, let's dive in and see what is in store for us.

1) Highest in SE ASIA, 1426 Cases in One day!
These would probably be the headlines for yesterday and today.
Work Permit Holders (Dorms ) 1369
Work Permit Holders (Outside Dorms) 32
Cases in Community 25

At first glance, the numbers were nothing short of jaw-dropping. Until you realise the other numbers in the mix paints a different tale.

Singapore currently has 11 deaths. At today's rate, it is a rate of 0.013 % For the record, the global death rate is at 6.8%. This has a few implications. Either Singapore residents have a high resilience against the virus, our healthcare system is top class or we have conducted the tests effectively. We would like to think it is the lasts option. Comparatively to our neighbours' death rate Philippines(6.6%) Indonesia (8.7%), it would seem to suggest so.

The cause of concern to the general community will be the Work Permit Holders outside Dorms. These are the ones that would not have as strict controls as the dorms. With only Work Permit Holders from construction issued Stay at Home Notice, there will be potential leaks from those in non-construction business. In addition, members of the same household may not be subjected to SNH, giving rise to potential spread similar to the phase when we had the spike from imported cases. It also gives rise to the question, would this group of work permit holders be subjected to the same aggressive testing as those who are in the dorms?

2) 18 Droms are now gazetted as isolation areas

5 more dorms added to the existing 13 as the spread of the virus among FW continues .

Read the full report  from CNA here

3) Ex SAFE Regulars called upon to tackle COVID19 at dorms

Looks like the tour of duty is not over.

Source: Today

4) Condo residents fined for flouting safe distancing measures.

These include swimming at the pool, working out at the communal gym. It is also a must to wear mask once you step out of the house and into communal areas in the Condo.

Source: Today

5) 3 charged for breaching Stay Home notices
It includes 2 Singaporeans and 1 US Commercial pilot

Source: ST

6) More than 280 fine for not adhering to CB measures
More than 200 people fine for not observing safe distancing measures
80 people fine for no mask
9 repeated offenders face fine of $1000

Despite the warning, there are still repeated offenders. We reckon it is time to up the penalty on this lot who insist on putting the nation at risk.


6) 650 000 Migrants and domestic helpers to receive face mask.

There will be 2 cloth mask with filters and 1 surgical mask. The allotment may be better than what Singaporean is getter but it is funded by a private initiative - Temasek Foundation.

Source: Today

7) Free Concerts, Musicals and Performances for this week Stay Home Activities

Include Cirque Du Soleil performances, Andrew Lloyd Webber 'Love Never Dies' - sequel to the Phantom of the opera, Wild Rice Emily of Emerald Hill.

See the full listing here

8) GOV.SG thinks its a good idea to introduce Superheros from a parallel universe to fight COVID19

We think its a lark.

Read about Circuit Breaker, Fake News Buster, MAWA Man, Dr Disinfector, Care-Leh Dee here

Apparently, after some feedback, the heroes have been laid to pastures


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