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Circuit Breaker : All the changes in School from academic calendar, exams to Home based learning

Circuit Breaker has extended to June 1.

Along with that, MOE had adjusted the academic curriculum for the year. These are the changes to be implemented.

4-Week school Holidays to begin on May 5
MOE recognised that HBL cannot fully substitute classroom learning. In addition, the format has been taxing on parents who Work from Home and the teachers who are preparing the lessons. As such, June school holidays will be bought forward.

Lessons will resume on 2 June 2020
This does NOT necessary means school will be opened. The format - physical classes, partial HBL or full HBL - will be released on a later date depending on the national posture at that time

Term 3 will be a total of 14 weeks with a one-week mid-term break
Dates as follows

  • 5 May to 1 June: School Holidays
  • 2 June: Start of Term 3
  • 20 July to 26 July: Mid-Term Break
  • 6 Sep: End of Term 3

This would be applicable to pre-primary, primary, secondary and JC

Institutes of Higher Learning to extend HBL
The following will take place from 5 May to 1 June 2020
Students from polytechnics will continue with full HBL

Students from ITE will continue with full HBL till 8 May. Thereafter they will be on vacation from 9 May to 1 June

Singapore Institute of Technology and Singapore University of Technology and Design (selected)
Start school term on 18 May on full HBL

Autonomous Universities
Will have holidays. Those offering summer term will conduct lessons online.

Limited Care service to continue in schools
Parens working in essential services like healthcare and are unable to secure alternative care arrangement may approach children's Primary school, MOE kindergarten or SPED school for assistance during school holidays.
Private education institutions should either continue with their HBL or suspend classes

Rescheduling of GCE-Level MTL Exams
The following exams will be rescheduled
Mid Year Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Written Exams

 Listening Comprehension for 0 and A Levels MTL and MTL B

Removal of Common Last Topics for National Exams
Common Last Topics (CLT) will be removed from National Exams this year. CLT is a set of topics from a syllabus identified by MOE that would be taught last by all schools towards the end of the academic year.

PSLE Science: Interactions within the Environment
O Levels: Vectors for Mathematics
A Level : Introduction to Chemistry of Transition  Elements
The examples are not exhaustive

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