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Bakeries, Cupcakes, Chocolates, Bubble Tea- Which shop is open and which is close?

Confused about the latest Circuit Breaker?

Following the announcement, there was some confusion as to which shops are open and which will be close. Here is a list of the popular shops that will be open and those that will be closed as part of the extended Circuit Breaker. Do note that the measures are for until May 4 and would be assessed thereafter.

Still Open for Business

Bakeries would remain open. Initially, there were fears that they will be close due to restrictions on the manufacturing of cakes. Some will operate with limited stores 

Physical store and online store will open. Chilled cakes while stock last.

Limited cakes available. Otherwise, they have Aritsan Breads, Bentos, Home platters for takeaway.

Duke Bakery
Selling only bread products. No cookies, cakes, pastries and beverages.

Paris Baguette
Still baking but not all outlets are open. You can order online too

Prima Deli
Selected stores will have adjusted working hours. Only selling bread, no cakes.

Phoon Huat Stores
Since you cannot buy cakes, why not make your own. You could still get your supplies from Phoon Huat and Redman

Bubble Tea
We search and found a few outlets to quench your insatiable appetite

Dessert Monster
A hawker center dessert stall that has bubble tea like Pearly Soy Milk for only $2

Dot Sugar
Located at Maxwell Food Center, this drink stall is still open as it is located in a hawker centre. Not only does it has a wide selection of Bubble Tea, but there are desserts too.

Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining
It is essential a diner, so it remains open. Order your bubble tea with their popular Taiwanese braised pork rice for takeaway. 

I Love Taimei
Hybrid store selling Fried Chicken and Bubble Tea!
It's still open but Bubble tea must be purchased with food. No Bubble tea orders only.

Monga Fried Chicken
Chicken and Biba lovers would still be able to have their fix at Monga

Mun Ting Xiang Tea Hut
Chinese teahouse in Toa Payoh selling chicken cutlet curry rice, mee sua and Bubble tea shakes!

Tea Valley
Selling Taiwanese Food and you guess it Bubble Tea

Comfort Food
Because we are always hungry

Bubble tea without the bubble please. If you order like this, you will get Broti

Old Chang Kee
Your favourite curry puff still available

Mr Bean
Mr Bean is still open serving hot nutritious meals.

All you coffee lovers rejoice. This is still up and running. 

Shilin Taiwan Street Snack
Deep-Fried Chicken and Oyster Mee Sua are still available!

Toast Box
Toast Box is still open for takeaways and deliveries. There will be a change in operating hours

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Because kaya toast is life

Closed Till May 4 or longer
Some may provide delivery options

12 Cupcakes
Stores are close but there will be delivery

Awfully Chocolate
All stores close except for flagship restaurant  Ninethirty. Preorders and deliveries will be fulfilled for Apr 22. Not sure if you still can get a cake there.

Beared PaPa
Cream puffs are on hold too.

Bee Cheng Hang
Stores are closed but they are available online

Bengawan Solo
Since they are more a cake shop than a bakery, they will be closed

Dessert Shop

Famous Amos
No more famous cookies

Irvin Salted Eggs
Stores will be close but you can it online

Bean away, back after CB

Polar Puffs & Cakes
Stores will be close but you can get delivery online for puff pastries

Yole will close the physical stores but you still can get it online via Tapas Club

Bubble Tea Outlets
Bober Tea

Gong Cha





Tea Tree House

 TP Tea

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