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Singapore Online Grocery Shops for Fresh Food - Free Delivery and Promotions

Stay home and have your groceries delivered to you

We got you covered with the biggest list of Singapore's Online Groceries stores covering a wide array of food from Meat, Veggies, Seafood, BBQ, Steamboat, Confinement Food, Cakes and More!

In addition, the inhouse PROMO and special discount codes are included on this list .


1 (Halal)

One-stop-shop for stalls, cafes and restaurants. Selling Meat, poultry, fresh seafood, bakery, vegetables and fruits. Now opens to public too.


2 Classic Deli
Source: Classic Deli

Ingredients supplier for the best restaurants and hotels in Singapore. Open only to the public during Coronavirus period.

Link: Classic Deli

10% off first order with promo code 10FIRST

3 Deli and Grocer

Selling fresh produce that are 100% Australian 

Link Deli & Grocer

4 Little Farm

Local Grocer selling fruits , meat, diaries and more. Physical stores at River Valley, Holland Village, Novena and Tanjong Pagar

Link : Little Farm

5 Maxzi

Online Gourmet Grocer bringing you the choicest cuts of meat, freshest seafood and flavorsome condiments.

Link : Maxzi

Free delivery for orders above $100. Enjoy 25% discount with promo code indo25

6 Market Fresh

Selling fresh Seafood, poultry, pork, beef, vegetables, Yong Tau Foo and Steamboat products fresh from the Wet Market

Link: Market Fresh

10% off 1st order. Use Promo Code LOBANG10

7 My Nikmart (Halal)
Source: My NikMart

An online Halah Grocery

Link: My NikMart

8 Open Taste
Source: Open Taste

Get a variety of Vegetables, Meat, Seafood, wine and pantry items straight from the farms in one place

Link : Open Taste

Premium Member gets unlimited free delivery for over $49 purchases + 2% reward on all purchases with bulk items

Non Members get free delivery for over $150 orders with Bulk items

Free Delivery without bulk items for orders above $49

9 PurelyFresh

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, seafood, meat and Yong Tau foo items

Link: Purely Fresh

Free Delivery above $100

10 PH Deli
Source: PH Deli

Serving Exquisite food at an extraordinary price.

Link: PH Deli

11 Sasah's Fine Food
Source: Sasha's Fine Food

Carefully source fine food . Purchase limits and the delivery restriction applies during Covid19

Link: Sasah's Fine Food

Free Delivery when spending $100 above for next day delivery. Quote WELCOME 15 for 15% discount for the first purchase

12 Ryan's Grocery
Source: Ruan Grocery

Selling an array of meat, seafood, veggies and diaries

Link : Ryan's Grocery

13 Taste Gourmet Market

Fully Stock Gourment Market selling meat, seafood, deli, fruits, vegetables, dairy, wine and essentials

Link : Taste Gourmet Marker

Free Delivery above $100

14 The Fish Wives

Selling Fishes, Meat, Deli, Wine and more

Link : The Fish Wives


15 CS Food (Halal)
Source: CS Food
Halal certified online store selling meat and seafood products

Link : CS Food

10% off with promo code NOPANIC

16 Halal Mart SG
Source: Halal MArt
Online Meat Mart selling Chicken, Lamb, beef and frozen food. Orders are full till Apr 21. Thereafter, it will reopen for new orders.

17 Huber Butchery
Source: Huber's Butchery

Selling Meat Products to excite your appetite

Link : Huber's Butchery

18 Lim Traders (Halal)

Halal meat specialist that offers a delectable array of meat and seafood produce

Link : Lim Traders 

19 Meat Co

Restaurant Quality Meat delivered to your door

Link : Meat and Co

Free Delivery above $80

20 Meat Collective

Fully Stock Meat Online

Link: Meat Collective

21 MMMM!
Source: MMMM!
Widest Range of Premium Beefs from MMMM!

Link : MMMM!

22 Peter Butchery

Includes a wide selection of beef, chicken lamb,pork, seafood and bbq productw

Link : Peter Butchery

20% off when you register and account

23 The Butcher
Source : The Butcher

High-Quality Meat with 2 weeks advance booking slots

Link: The Butcher

Free Delivery for $250 Spend

24 The Meat  Club
Source: The Meat Clube

Australia quality meat delivered

Link : The Meat Club

25 QB Food
Source :  QB Food

Fresh Meat and Cheese all around the world at an affordable price

Link :  QB Food

26 SBY Mart (Halal)
Source: SBY Mart

Singapore Premier Halal Meat Supplier

Link :  SBY Mart

27 Zac Meat( Halal)

Processed Meats and Cold Cuts characterised by the fruity  Middle East and the Mediterranean

Link : Zac Meat

28 Apollo Marine
Source: Apollo Marine
Accredited Urban Farmer of Fresh Seafood from Singapore.

Link : Apollo Seafood

29 Hai Sia Seafood
Source : Hai Sia Seafood

Singapore largest Fresh Seafood Market is now online. Billed as Singapore's Own Tsjukji Fish Market, you can now have fresh seafood delivered to your doorsteps at wholesale price

Link : Hai Sia Seafood

Free Delivery for orders above $80. Take 10%off with code JIAYOUSG10

30 Frassler
Source: Frassler

Frassler delivers both fresh and frozen seafood to your doorstep.

Link: Frassler Gourmet

Free Delivery for orders above $80

31 Kuhlbarra
Source: Kuhlbarra

Selling locally farmed fish.

Link :  Kuhlbarra

Circuit Breaker Deal - 25% off for Apr 17-18

32 Tankfully Fresh
Source: Tankfully Fish

Selling Fresh and frozen catch from the sea

Link : Tankfully Fresh

33 The Ocean Mart
Source: The Ocean Mart

Selling Live, Frozen and chilled seafood including lobsters!

Link : The OceanMart

Free Delivery for $80 and above

34 The Seafood Market Place By Song Fish
Source: The Seafood Market

Sells a wide selection of Fresh and frozen seafood. Includes packages for Confinement

Link : The Seafood Market Place

Free Delivery for over $10

35 9s Seafood
Source: 9s Seafood

Fresh Seafood sourced daily from fishery port

Link : 9 Seafood

Free delivery for over $60

Organic / Vegetable Products
36 Quan Fa Organic Farm
Source : Quan Fa Organic Farm

Featuring Organic vegetables and fruits

Link: Quan Fa Organic Farm

Quote quanfa555 to get $5 off first order

37 Green Circle

The green circle is an eco-farm selling green produce

Link : Green Circle
Vegetarian Products

38 Friendly Vegetarian
Source : Friendly Vegetarian

Get your quality vegetarian ingredients from one location

Link : Friendly Vegetarian

Free Delivery

39 Vegetarian Worlds Foods Trading
Source: Vegetarian World's

Link: Vegetarian Worlds Foods Trading


40 BBQ Wholesale
Souce : BBQ Wholesale

If you have your own BBQ Pit at home, this site might be handy. You do not need to have a party for BBQ, just use the electric grill you use for homemade mookata and you are good to go for one. If you do not have a set that comes with a smokeless pit, they also retail a stay home mini BBQ set If you are too lazy to cook, their ready-made ala-carte Nasi Lemak and Satay look good too.

Link: BBQ Wholesale

41 Hungry BBQ

Get Raw/unmarinated or marinated meat/seafood from this BBQ Wholesaler

Link: Hungry BBQ


42 Enjoue Bakery

Your online fix for breads, buns and cakes

Link : Enjoue Bakery

43 Melvados
Source: Melvados

Craving for Cakes, Snacks or Bread?

Get your fill a Melvados, supplier of cakes, brownies and ice cream to airlines, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

Link : Melvados

Get $5 off for first online order. Free Delivery Above $50


44 E Fresh Fruit
Source: E Fresh Fruit

Delivery Freshness to you

Link: EFresh Fruit

Free delivery above $80

45 Fruit Werkz
Source: FruitWekz

Bringing Fresh Food Closer to you

Link : FruitWerkz

46 KSY
Source: KSY

Bringing Freshness to your doorstep. Get your fruits online

Link : KSY

Free Delivery for orders above $120

47 MomoBud

Online Fresh Produce selling premium Fruits

Link :  MomoBud

48 Yaya Papaya
Source: Yaya Papaya

Based in Pasir Panjang Wholesale, Yaya Papaya brings Singapore the most exquisite products from all over the world.

Link : Yaya Payaya

Free Delivery above $45

Steam Boat

49 Li Chuan Food
Source: Li Chuan

If you are looking for ingredients for a steamboat, Li Chuan Food is the place to go. Choose from a selection of fish, cuttlefish, prawn, cheese tofu, crab claws and more.

Link :  Qoo10 store for delivery. 


50 Amazon Singapore
Source : Amazon

You can also get your grocery essentials from Amazon
Free Delivery for orders above $40

Link : Amazon Groceries

51 EA Mart

Online grocery with a wide selection of products

Link : EA Mart

Free Delivery for $40 purchase

52 Cold Storage
Source: Cold storage

Cold Storage has online delivery options as well. They have the same purchase limits as stores. Delivery slots are limited

Link: Cold storage

EA Mart

53 Fairprice
Source: Fairprice

The chain has probably the longest queues in most supermarkets and for good reason. The variety and price of the products are very much in line with local needs.  Instead of heading to the stores, you can shop online too. The only issue is getting a delivery slot.

Link: Fairprice

Free Delivery for orders above $60

Free delivery for orders above $60

54 Giant
Source: Giant

Looking for value groceries?
Giant Online would probably be the place to here too. Purchase Limits apply as per stores. Limited Slots available

Link: Giant

Free delivery for orders above $60

55 Redmart 
Source : Redmart 

Redmart is one of the more popular online delivery stores. You could get fresh produce such as vegetables, meat and fishes as well as essentials home items like Toilet Tissue

For this period, You can order a maximum of 1 order a day with up to 35 units.

Link : Redmart

Free Delivery for orders above $40 for LiveUp Members and above $60 for Non members

56 Sheng Shiong
Source Sheng Shiong

The heartlands favourite shop

Free Shipping with $100 ordered

The Post is NOT Paid in any form. The listings are made for the benefit of ALL Singapore residents. Should you wish to list your shop here, do drop us an email here. We will try our best to accommodate the request

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