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Daily Dose : 5 Million

Good Morning

A dose of reality.

We have 5 million confirmed cases worldwide. In Singapore, there is undetected spread still active in the community despite only 10 more days till circuit breaker ends.

1) 445 new cases
Work Permit Dorms - 434
Cases in community -14 ( 13 SC/PR 1 Work Permit)

Souce: MOH

2) 3 preschool staff test positive for Covdi19
10400 test done so far, another 20K more to go.

The number of Community cases in SC/PR went back above 10 to 13. This includes 3 unlink cases picked up during preschool staff testing and 4 Orange Valley Nursing Home residents. The Preschool staff is a concern since school is opening in 10 days time

Source: Today

3) New reusable mask can be collected from May 26
How to collect?
Being govt-issued ID card with a barcode to collect

Who to collect?
Appoint one member per household

Who qualifies?
Singapore residents including foreign domestic workers

What size available?
2 sizes, adult and child
For child size, only for 12 and under according to the id presented

Source: MOH

4) Bangladeshi worker critically it with Covid19 for the past 2 months moved to community hospital

He was on the brink of death and recently became a dad

Source: CNA

5) Error in Swabs Test reporting?

Total Unique Swabs from May 10 to May 18: 5077?
Total confirmed cases from May 10 to May 18: 5494 ??
We spotted an error in Swabs test number released by MOH


6) Same household can exercise outdoors from May 17

Previously it was advised that individuals to exercise alone and in their immediate neighbourhoods


7) Domestic Helpers should stay at home during Phase 1 

"There should be no meeting up with friends or gathering in public spaces to minimise contact between different households," the ministry said.

"MOM will continue to conduct inspections on the ground. (Foreign domestic workers) who do not cooperate risk being fined and their work passes revoked."

SINGAPORE: Foreign domestic workers are urged to stay at home, even on their days off, in the first phase of Singapore's reopening, as "circuit ...

Source: CNA

8) All entering Malaysia from Jun 1 must agree to pay for mandatory Covid19 quarantine

This includes Malaysians who need to pay half cost. Full cost at RM150

9) Global Coronavirus surpass 5 million 

US with 5% of the world population has 30% of the cases


10) Stand up for Singapore
An excellent rebuttable to NYT disdain article


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