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Crowds spotted around Robertson Quay : Has Circuit Breaker Ended?

For the record, Circuit Breaker would only end on June 1

On April 21, it was announced that  Circuit Breaker will be extended from May 4 to June 1. During this period, stricter advisories were given.

From GOV.SG website

From now till 4 May 2020, stay at home as much as possible. Avoid going out except to buy food and daily essentials, or for urgent medical needs.

If you must go out, go alone; not in groups or as a household. These trips are not meant to be family outings.

If you need to exercise outside, exercise alone and in your immediate neighbourhood. Do not travel unnecessarily to other parts of Singapore.

If you need to accompany a senior, person with disability, or young children to complete a certain task, do so and return home quickly.

While the advisories are clear, since it is not the law, you can see people flouting it almost every day. From families heading out to parks to 'exercise' to parents bringing kids out to the supermarket for a family outing, all these are not 'rare' sightings. While we tried to tolerate this, we simply cannot shut our eyes when we saw this particular update on FB.

Yesterday, there were scenes posted on Facebook that showed groups of people around Robertson Quay 'hanging out' and even drinking outside the restaurants. Given that the following photos show groups instead of individuals, it is highly disturbing.

This is what was written

CB40, 16 May 2020: A friend took these pictures today, around 6.25pm in the evening @ Robertson Quay while trying out a new exercise route.
While there were 2 enforcers & 1 police officer along the Alexandra PCN, there was not a single enforcer at sight in RQ which is like 5-minutes away, and it was observed that staff of these F&B establishments did nothing to stop these people from drinking at their premise nor did they remove the standing tables.
So perhaps the authorities can enlighten many of us... The usual local HDB folks are being monitored closely, apprehended promptly, yet such gatherings with many drinking openly and no masks on, are tolerated in certain 'Sovereign' zones... Double Standards Much???
Such wayward actions by these black sheeps will only jeopardize local community & frontline efforts to recover from the pandemic.

Base on the photos there is not one but several violations done in one afternoon.

Credit: Lectress Pat
Masks were not worn properly
There are at least 2 people in the photos with masks not covering the mouth/nose or do not have a mask in the photo. Having a mask is made compulsory from 14th April

Fine for the first offender: $300

Private social gathering of any size in homes or public spaces not allowed

Fine of $10000 or jailed up to six months for first offenders

Safe Distancing of 1m to be compulsory

Fine of $10000 or jailed up to six months for first offenders

In addition, F&B outlets that place standing tables outside their establishments only serve to 'encourage' people from drinking there instead of home. Such practises circumventing non-dine-in rules should not be entertained in any form or manner.

While the law had been quick to disperse justice on an individual and small groups, we think this larger crowd and establishment should not go Scot free. After all, they are placing our effectiveness of Circuit Breaker at stake with their inconsiderate actions. These actions are making a mockery of those who choose to adhere to the Circuit Breaker in order to ensure a safer Singapore on June 1.

This is not just ignoring advisories, it is breaking the law. We do hope the authorities would be firm with their actions especially since this is a blatant flouting of the law.

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