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Daily Dose : Postive News

It's a slow news day.

The weekend is usually slow on news for Covid19. That does not mean that the news are all bad. On the positive note, we are seeing improvements for the numbers this weekend.

1) 465 cases, 1094 discharge

457 Work Permit Dorms
8 community Cases ( 5 SC/PR/WP 3 Work Permit Outside dorms

Today is another net positive day with more discharge than diagnosed. It is also the 3rd consecutive day where the numbers discharge are > 1000

Work Permit cases in dorms had also dipped below 500. Unfortunately, after a few good days, work permit outside of dorms are creeping up.

Source: MOH

2) Local cases link to dorms
2 of the local cases are linked to dorms highlighting the risk of working in dorms

Source: MOH

3) Punggol Field Death: 20-year-old man arrested

He will be charged for the murder of a 38-year-old jogger.

Source: CNA

4) Coop up and stressed, more parents lose their cool with kids

Are you one of them?

Source: ST

5) 18 Covid-19 positive patients discharge from D'resort
They were deemed as non-infectious.

"Infectious diseases experts have advised the Ministry of Health that patients are unlikely to be infectious beyond 14 days from their onset of illness, as the virus can no longer be cultured from biological samples taken from these patients, even if they continue to test PCR positive," added MOH.

Does it mean that once you have Covid-19, it will be with you for the rest of your life?

Source: CNA

6) BTO projects to be the first to restart after the circuit breaker

Good news for those waiting for their house keys

Source: ST

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