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Daily Dose: 30K

We had passed 30K...

Nope, not 30 K followers but 30K Covid-19 cases in Singapore.

1) 614 cases, bringing total to above 30k

Cases in Dorms: 610
Cases in the community: 4 (4SC/PR)

The good news is that there is no Work Permit outside dorms cases today.
The bad news is that we had breached 30K.
Furthermore, the numbers in dorms remain high with 2 new clusters identified in factory converted dorms.

Source: MOH

2) 2 more preschool staff tested positive for COVID19

That is a total of 5 from the mandatory test for preschool staff before school reopens on Jun 2. While this has raised concerns, at least the tests would give assurance that the staff would
be virus-free when they are back to school

Source: CNA

3)NCID to test thousand who were quarantine to study infection rate

We had called for this during the early days of the virus in Singapore . Close contacts were not tested for the virus before they were released from quarantine.

If it had been done earlier, perhaps we could detect cases that might have slip away.

Regardless, we do think the testing is necessary. It will most likely uncover more cases ‘hidden’ with no symptoms.

Source ST

4) Preschool and Primary school students to be provided face shields and hand sanitiser
These are from Temasek Foundation. Secondary, JC will also be provided sanitisers.

Source: ST

5) Staff for non-residential eldercare services to be tested

This include day hospices, kidney dialysis centres. These tests are measures to further protect the elderly.

Source: Today

6) Hospitals to allow visitor from same or one other household from Jun 2

Limit to 1 visitor per household.

7) Man allegedly left home 4 times to drink beer

He is among 4 that was charged yesterday. All charge for frivolous acts
All four are Singaporeans

Liw Ah Piw,65
Drinking beer in public benches on 4 occasions.

T Satish 28
Drinking beer in public spaces

Mohd Yusoff Shaik Alladin 55
Scolding and insulting enforcement officer

Renukha Arumugam 30
Meeting boyfriend on separate occasions

Source: Today

8) Man broke quarantine orders twice

Only hours before quarantine ends

Source: Today

9) 10 charged with gathering at Balestier Flat

Meet up for 'study' and 'tea'

Source: Today

10) Two School sites Converted to temporary dorms
These are converted for recovered migrant workers

Source: CNA

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