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Daily Dose : Come Fly with me

Good Morning

New day, new haircut. Time for our regular Covid19 buzz with our Daily Dose.

1) 884 new cases, 626 Discharged
877 Work Permit Dorms
7 Community ( 4 SC/PR/WP 3 Work Permit Outside Dorms)
626 discharge

The number to look out for today is the discharge number, 626 marks the highest number of discharge to date.

The 3 SC cases are related to Dorms and Changi GH

Source: MOH

2) 7 new clusters identified
New clusters continue to emerge on a daily basis. It is a worrying trend which means that the cases at dorms or factory converted dorms are now widespread.

Source: MOH

3) 20,0000 migrant workers to be discharged by end of May.
Current discharged cases stand at less than 4K. For 20 K to happen, we need an average of 1 K discharge per day. This does not mean that the cases from Dorms will be reduced at the same time.

The question is, where will these workers be house after discharge?

Source: CNA

4) Circuit Breaker could be further ease on June1

New community cases continue to fall from ave of 30 new cases daily to 8 new cases in the past week.

Source: ST

5) Changi Terminal 4 to suspend Operations from May 16
T2 and T4 will now be closed. Guess we might not need T5 after all

Source: ST

6) Man charged about lying about travel history to enter the court
He had been to US which was a source of imported cases in March

Source: ST

7) Man faces 4 charges of flouting stay home Notice
Left house multiply times despite SHN. This one deserves punishment.

Source: TNP

8) 9 Men arrested for an armed brawl in Chinatown
The fight started because of relationship dispute over a woman 😌
Seriously, why get your pals involved in a personal matter? Now everyone 's future is in doubt because of this. Face imprisonment term of up to 10 years and caning.

Source: CNA

9) Petrol Pump falls below $2
95 Octane Petrol is now at $1.99 across all brands

Source: ST

10) List of popular shops open from May 12

Cakes, Confectionery, Desserts, Hairdresser, TCM, Laundry, Pet Supplies are now back in business


11) Queues form at hair salons and other shops as circuit breaker eases
Have you cut your hair yet?

Source: Today

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