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6 New Trends due to Circuit Breaker in Singapore

The Circuit Breaker has brought new trends to Singapore.

Since it was introduced on Apr 7, we are seeing Singapore residents adhering to the strict social distancing measures and adopting lifestyles changes. As a result, new trends are begging to evolve during these recent weeks.

1 Jogging replace Yoga as Singapore 'In' workouts

With the shutdowns of gyms, group activities are distant memories. To keep fit, Singapore Residents have resorted to Solo workouts. The most popular thing to do is to go for a jog. Not only does it keeps one fit, but it also gives people an excuse to venture out of the house for a short period of time.

2 Homebase Workouts become the Norm

If one wants to keep to old routines, one can always turn to the Internet.
Homebase Workouts would now be the norm for most fitness enthusiasts. Some would have bought their own home equipment such as weight and treadmill. Others simply just need a TV and Youtube to find that workout to follow.

For those looking for workouts, we think this is perfect for you.


Low Impact

High Impact

For Kids!

Cooking is no longer just a passion

Remember the good old days when you head to the kitchen during the weekends to whip up a fancy meal?

These days with most staying at home, cooking on a daily basis has become a norm. While we can opt for home delivery, doing it for every meal is a luxury not everyone can afford. Cooking has become an essential daily task rather than a passion to most stay home folks.

3 Baking is now the New Hobby

To share the culinary adventure with kids, baking has also resurfaced as a new hobby for families. It is not surprising to see baking products such as cookies, muffins and brownies flying off the shelves.

4 Netflix is now the Entertainment Hub

Cable TV is losing its grounds to Netflix. With more time on hand, most would rather binge-watch a series rather than waiting for a week to watch the next episode. With the repertoire of Korea Dramas on Netflix, it is every couch potatoes dream.

5 Work From Home becomes a Reality

If you are one of the many that have been working from home and doing a fine job with it, you probably ask yourself why you cannot continue after CB ends. Some companies are already looking at the prospects of staff working from home permanently. For the companies, it could even lead to savings on real estate and rental. However, before you do that, you might want to show your electricity bill to your boss as justification for 'pay increment' if you are put on WFH duty.

6 Children are more Computer Savvy

Since April, children had been staying at home to do Home Base Learning. The exposure to increase computer use had made children more proficient in using the computer. It would not be surprising to see them toggling between zoom lessons and youtube channel on the same screen.  While it may not exactly be the most ideal, it does make the younger generation more adapted to using the PC at an earlier age. This also exposes them to telecommuting, which is hailed as the way of work in the future.

As you can see , this Circuit Breaker brings new trends into our lives. What about yours?

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