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Daily Dose : Labour Day

Good Morning
It's Labour Day, so that means a break from HBL and WFH and a long weekend ahead. The long weekend now feels so different from a few months back. Fret not here's a daily dose of yesterday's snippets to keep you occupied.

1) 528 Cases, Total now at 16169
Work Permit Holders (Dorms) : 488
Community : 40 (9 SC/PR/WP 31 WPH Dorms)
While the overall Singaporeans/PR numbers are down to single-digit, the work permit holders outside of dorms see an uptick in numbers

Source: MOH

2) 12 New Clusters including 1 from Institue of Mental Health
A new cluster is identified in IMH with 4 confirmed cases. There are at least 82 active clusters now.
25 out of 43 Dorms are now gazetted as Isolation areas

Source: MOH

3) 58-year-old Sporean Woman died of Covid. 
She is the 15 victim and was identified as an imported case from Europe. Our Condolences to the family.

Source: Today

4) Compulsory to show NRIC or Photo ID for all Supermarkets / Malls and Wet Markets

GOV.sg has sent a text to indicate that NRIC or photo ID with a barcode has to be shown if one is to visit Supermarket / Mall / Wet market. Temperature screening and collection of particulars for contact tracing will be enforced

Source: TWD

5) Siloso Beach Resort to house healthy migrants moved out of dorms
This will add to other sites such as SAF / Home Team camps, floating hotels, vacant public blocks, converted sports hall. Currently, 10,000 have been moved

Source: Today

6) Childcare centres to extend 50% fee offset for another month
The offset can be invoiced from June onwards and varied depending on the financial situation of each individual


7)Banks to allow temporary halt in payments for education, motor vehicles loans and renovations
Service fees that are chared to maintain the minimum average daily will also be waived until Dec 31. This will help alleviate those with cash flow problems.

Source: ST

8) Motor shops ordered to close earlier now told they can continue to operate

An unexpected u-turn. The reason cited was to allow the recovery and repair services for emergency vehicles

Source: ST

9) Fairprice Temperature Screeners pranked supermarkets patrons
Not funny at all as the person abuse position to make contact with shoppers and remove mask in the process

Source: Today

10) Google announced that Meet will be free for all users

Zoom has a direct challenger now and it is from a Giant


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