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Daily Dose : Fastlane

Travel will become a reality next month as Singapore sets up its first travel bubble.

The 'fast lane' will be set up between China and Singapore. Before we open up the skies, let's take a dose of the reality on the grounds of Singapore.

1) 9 community cases, 611 new cases, 1337 discharged.
602 dorms
9 Community cases ( 3 SC/PR, 2 Work Passes, 4 Work Permits)

It is interesting how you flip the headlines and it becomes a different story. While most news sources reported the 1337 discharge, the 9 community cases stood out. It came the day after the community cases was 1 and Phase 2 became talk of the town. It just shows we cannot let our guard down yet.

Source: MOH

2) 5 Work Permit / Work Pass cases stayed at shophouses at Balestier Road

They were picked up as a result of surveillance screening. This implies that there is a risk that work permit holders outside dorms are at a higher risk. Given that they were issued SHN for 4 weeks, the infection might be before this. It might be wise to test this group as a whole.

At the same time, unlink cases are still identified even as we near Circuit Breaker.

Source: MOH

3) More locations identified. Mostly in Supermarkets and Wet Market in the West.

This is probably the reason why you should not go around Singapore to shop or buy your food. Better to get the things you need around your neighbourhood.

Source: MOH

4) Singapore and China to fast track essential travel between them by next month

It is ironic that the first country we close is willing to be the first to welcome us despite our high daily infection rates.

The arrangement would first apply to Singapore and six provinces or municipalities directly under the Chinese central government - Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang

Source: ST

5) No workplace gathering, socialising among employee when office operations resume after circuit breaker

Eat on your own, no birthday celebrations or team bonding activities.

Source: CNA

6) Working from home should be the default mode in first 2 phases of reopening after CB ends

If you are working from home now , chances are you should be doing the same in Phase 1 and 2

Source: ST

7) May BTO exercise to be combined with August launch

7,800 BTO flats to be launched in August; some projects may be delayed up to 6 months .

No need to think of elaborate wedding proposal already . Just ask the following

“Want to BTO ? “

Source: ST

8) Man charged with meeting others at the public bench during circuit Breaker

He was not wearing a mask. Honestly, he is not the only one around. If we were to look around, there are plenty more examples to be made.

Source: Today

9) Temporary relief for freelance as they get first $3000 payout from Govt

Interestingly, some of the beneficiaries might be earning less than the amount being paid out. Would this lead to an incentive not to work for the next 9 months?

Source: Today

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