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What can you do in Phase 1 that you cannot do in Circuit Breaker?

Phase 1 will be rolled out on June 2

While it marks the end of Circuit Breaker, it does not necessarily mean that things will go back to normal in Day 1. There are still restrictions in place for things you cannot do.

To clear the air, here the things you cannot do during Circuit Breaker but am allowed to do during Phase 1

1 Visit Elderly Parents

Circuit Breaker
  • No Visitation of friends/families allowed save for providing essentials to elderly

Phase 1
  • Up to 2 Visitors from the same household can visit. 
  • Maximum 2 visitors a day

What remains the same
  • No Social visits to relatives or friends including siblings. 
  • Seniors are advised not to leave the household.

Rules on visiting Elderly Parents are stated here

2 Back to School

Circuit Breaker
  • School to remain close

Phase 1
  • Preschools, Primary, Secondary, JC, MI and Institutes of Higher Learning Students are allowed back in school. 
  • School dates would be staggered for Primary and Secondary with HBL forming part of the curriculum.

Timetable for school returnees can be found here

What remains the same
  • CCA to remain suspended. National School games cancelled.
  • Private Tuition and Enrichment centres to remain close.

3 Back to Work

Circuit Breaker
  • Only Essential Work allowed back to the office

Phase 1
Some business will be back on operation.
  • Most manufacturing and productions facilities such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, precision engineering and energy and chemical sectors to resume operation
  • Most business with employees working in offices that do not require interactions with large group of people such as those in finance & insurance, wholetrade, health and social services, IT & Info services, professional services as well as logistic and storage will be allowed
  • CPF, HDB, IRAS to resume operations at service counters for appointments

What remains the same

  • Telecommuting is encouraged in these services.

4 Some Retails shops and services to open

Circuit Breaker

  • Only essential stores can operate

Phase 1

  • School bookshops and retail shops selling school uniforms can resume activities
  • Motor vehicle servicing, air conditioner servicing, basic pet services and full hairdressing services to resume

What remains the same
  • Most retail shops continue to close.
  • No dining out.
  • Higher risk business such as bars, pubs, nightclubs, theatres and cinemas remain close. 
  • Attractions and hotels remain close too.

5 Outdoor Exercise

Circuit Breaker
  • Advised that individuals to exercise alone and in their immediate neighbourhood

Phase 1
  • Same household can exercise outdoor

What remains the same
  • To exercise in the immediate neighbourhood.
  • Parks and beaches to remain close.
  • Sports facilities to remain close
  • Exercise with members of the same household only

6 Places of Worship

Circuit Breaker
  • Places of worship to be close to public and private worship
Phase 1
  • Places of worship will be reopened for private worship.
  • Limit of 5 members of the same household praying together at a time.
  • Limited to 5 different households on the premises.
  • Places of worship in residential units must remain close.
  • Mosques and Gurdwaras to reopen with strict measures. Catholic Churches to remain close

What remains the same
  • Bigger groups are not allowed. 
  • Public worship services suspended
7 Marriage Solemnisation

Circuit Breaker
  • Couples can only say wedding vows remotely via live video links
Phase 1 
  • Allow to take place in person with up to 10 people present

As you can see from the above measures, although Circuit Breaker is lifted, there are not many things you can do from June 2. The important thing is that we should stay vigilant and adhere to the policies so we can be in a better position to execute Phase 2.

Stay Safe!

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