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Daily Dose : Full Speed Ahead!

It's full speed ahead!

After a few days of light doses, we have a Big Dose today with a slew of news on Phase 2 and new policies on Covid19. It seems like acceleration is on the cards as Phase 2 is pushed forward and the discharge of Covid19 patients are set to less stringent criteria.

1) 373 New Cases
372 Dorms
1 Community ( Work Pass)

Today marks the first time in a long while with on Singaporean/PR cases. However, there is still a local unlinked Work Pass detected in the community

Source: MOH

2) 2 new clusters were found
After a few days of no new clusters, 2 new clusters were identified.

Source: MOH

3) 39,000 preschool staff tested, 13 found to be positive for Covid19

11 of the 13 staff are said to have positive serology and are not active infection.All staff had made full recovery.

Source: CNA

4) Covid-19 patients who are well can be discharged by Day 21.

All clinically well patients will be discharged without undergoing further tests by day 2. They are to stay home or in the forms for another 7 days thereafter. Previously, patients need 2 negative swab test to be discharged.

This recommendation is based on local studies that most patients are not infectious after 11 days and who recommendations of 10 days isolation.

This was applied to cases yesterday with 1018 cases discharge

Source: ST

5) Phase 2 might start earlier than expected.

Previously, it was mentioned that Phase 1 would be for 4 weeks. However, the new directive is that if community transmission remains low and stable by mid-June, Phase 2 might come in earlier.

Almost Entire economy will resume operations by this phase

- These include retail shops, consumer services, and dining in at food and beverage outlets subject to a cap of five people per group. The rule will still apply for households of more than five people, who will have to sit at different tables.

- Sports facilities and public venues like stadiums and swimming pools are also expected
o reopen

- Social interactions and family visits would also be allowed, subject to the same cap of five people

Source: ST

6) Man Charged with providing carpooling services during circuit breaker

He does not have a valid public service vehicle licence and the necessary third-party insurance

Source: Today

7) Multiple charges for man who threatens to kill another during CB

Larionov Andrei,40 , faced charges between Dec 19 and May 20 with 3 circuit breaker offences. Visited Geylang and Orchard Plaza during circuit breaker. Does not wear mask properly and threaten to kill people.

Source: CNA

8) Poster at RV Point 'requested' GrabFood devliery to refrain from using lifts for delivery.

Advice to use stairs instead.

Ironically, the poster was put by Grabfood Hub and not by RV Point.

Source: Today

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