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LensGo LWM-318C Review :Rode Wireless Go Killer?

Are you in the market for a wireless Microphone?

If you are stuck at home and took up Vlogging as a hobby, you might be on the lookout for a Wireless Microphone setup. The Gold Standard for a Wireless mic would be the Rode Wireless Go.  However, at a cost of SGD 286, it might be too pricey for a simple hobby.

So when LensGo offered us a set of their wireless mic for review, we decided to give it a go. At a cost of $139 per unit, it is half the cost of the Rode Wireless Go. The real question is, would it be just as good?


We did a video Review, Test and Unboxing of the unit. You can check out the video on the link above.

Here is a recap of the main items in the box
LensGo 318C
It comes with a transmitter and receiver (microphone). The first impression was that it looks tiny. Compared to our regular Rig-  The Rode Videomicro ( You can check the review here), it is 1/10 the size.  Given that it is a wireless microphone, the size itself impress us. Unlike the Rode Wireless Go which is square-shaped, the LensGo 318 is more oval shape not unlike a lipstick shell.

The unit comes with a TRS to TRS wire for connection to a DSLR. It also provides a TRS to TRRS adapter to connect to a smartphone. The inclusion of both wires means you do not need to purchase additional adapters for a different setup.

In addition, it comes with a Lavalier Microphone attached to the Reciever. On occasions, we found that the Lavalier Mic works better than using the mics from the receiver itself. The Lavalier Mich would also be useful in an interview situation where you need to bring the microphone closer to the interviewee.

Last but not least, it comes with a pouch and 2 micro USB cables to store and charge your unit respectively.

Why you need the LensGo wireless microphone?

A Wireless Setup is useful if you require mobility. The LensGo 318C has a working range of 50m  if the receiver and transmitter have an uninterrupted range of sight.  For those blogging outdoors or intend to move around when you are filming, the wireless microphone would allow you the flexibility without losing the voice quality.

Small and discreet
The size of the LensGo 318C makes it perfect for use. Due to the small size, you can easily hide it in your clothes so that it does not show on the big screen

Ease of Use

Similar to a wired unit, it is a simple plug and play. There is no need for additional apps on the phone or camera. The receiver and the transmitter are on the same channel when initially used. You can also manually adjust the channels if there's distortion. With the option of 20 channels, you easily find one that suits your need.

Long usage time
With a 5 hours capacity, this unit would be suited for most casual usage

Final Thoughts

The features are impressive for the price. Upon testing, we did found some distortion during use especially when we walk around with the unit. You can check our tests at this video link. While we do not have the Rode Wireless Go as a comparison, I would say that the LensGo 318C is good enough for those starting on blogging journey.

Overall, if you are on a budget and need a solution for a wireless set up, The LensGo LWM 318C will do its job.

You can find out more about LensGo products here

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