Visiting Elderly Parents or Grandparents from June 2? Here are the rules

It's official, Singaporeans will be allowed to visit parents or grandparents from June 2.

However, there are some guidelines that one should follow

  • Each household can receive up to 2 visitors once a day. Visitors must be from the same household
  • Dropping of children and parents' or grandparents' home for childcare to be allowed with the same limit of up to 2 visitors from one household.
  • Siblings will not be allowed to visit one another
  • Seniors should not leave their house to visit family members
  • Exceptions for seniors with no children - Appeals can be made for siblings or nieces and nephews to visit.
  • People are to abide by the spirit of the rules. Action will be taken if there are evidence of big gatherings.

This effectively means that the following are not allowed

  • Social Gathering at home with friends is not allowed
  • Social Gathering with and relatives who are not parents or grandparents are not allowed.

Other measures for seniors
Senior Citizens will not be able to take part in senior-centric activities such as group exercises and karaoke session.

Senior activity centres will gradually be open

Community-based centre services for persons with disabilities will also gradually reopen with safe distancing measures in place.

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