New Covid19 Support Grant for full time/part time employees affected by Covid19

If you are employed and affected by Covid-19, you can now claim some grants

The Covid-19 Support grant is now open. Closing date for applicants will be on 30 Sep 2020

Who can qualify
Full/ Part Time employees affected by Covid-19 after 23 Jan 2020

Apply from 4 May
Unemployed due to retrenchment/contract termination
Grant: Up to $800 monthly for 3 months + Employment and training support from WSG or e2i

Involuntary No Pay Leave (NPL) for at least 3 consecutive months
Grant: Up to $800 monthly for 3 months + Access to relevant courses subsidised by SSG

Apply from 11 May
Experiences reduced monthly salary of at least 30% for at least 3 consecutive months
Grant: Up to $500 for 3 months

Singapore Citizen/PR age 16 and above
Live in a Property with Annual Value $21,000
Prior Gross Monthly Household Income  ≤ $10,000 or Prior Gross Monthly Per Capita Income ≤ $3,100
Not on Comcare Assistance
Not on Self Employed Person Income Relief Scheme 
Not an NFF or intern

How to apply
Online via

A copy of your bank account details - eg bank statement
Proof of loss of job, involuntary NPL or reduced monthly salary - eg retrenchment letter, contract termination, payslip showing involuntary NPR or salary reduction
Proof of you prior last drawn month salary before being affected. eg Last payslip or CPF contribution
Copy of CHAS Orange or Blue card if avaliable

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