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Singapore Covid-19 Report Card : What grade do we deserve?

The 2nd most infected country after China.

This accolade was recently bestowed to us when the confirm Covid19 cases blew past the 20K mark and overtook Japan. At the current 28.7K as of 19 May.

With Circuit Breaker coming to a close in 2 weeks time, it is time to assess where Singapore stands in the world with respect to COVID-19

Ranking in the World:  27th

Ranking in Asia (Absolute numbers ): 2nd

Ranking in Asia ( Cases/1 M): 1st


In terms of ranking in the world, Singapore now stands at 27. This puts her in the top 30 countries with Covid-19. The numbers now dwarf Japan and Korea who were the top 2 countries with Covid-19 in Asia ex-China. In terms of overall ranking, we are the highest in Asia in terms of Total cases/million detected. The nation's abnormally high rates are mainly due to the spread of Covid-19 within Foreign Worker's Dormitories.  The fact that it happened had caused a blemish in Singapore's good start against the virus.

Ranking in the world Top 30 for least deaths:2

Ranking in the world Top 30 for least deaths and critical illness:1

On the flip side, in terms of the number of deaths, we have one of the lowest deaths (22)  recorded as a direct result of Covid-19 in the top 30. The lowest one recorded is Qatar (15). However, if you add the deaths and critical illness, our number is at 34 vs Qatar at 187.

Singapore Deaths per 1000 infection: 0.77

World Deaths per 1000 infection: 6.5


At a death rate of 0.77 per 1000 infection. This number is significantly lower than compared to the world's death rate at 6.5. Comparatively, Singapore has a lesser number of deaths than Indonesia (1191), Japan (749), S Korea (263), Malaysia (113). The countries stated are all ranked much lower than Singapore in terms of the absolute number of confirmed cases.

This lower death rate is probably the result of the fact that cases are younger people in Singapore while the elderly with chronic conditions had avoided infection by staying at home. In addition, the hospital capacity was kept at a healthy level with isolation community centres being set up to supplement treatment of positive cases.

Report Card
The absolute numbers are considerably high. However, with the lower death rates and serious cases, Singapore has done relatively well to contain the fallout from Covid19 on the social front. Most importantly would be the number of lives safe. A notable result of this is the low spread among the most vulnerable group which is the elderly. In this aspect, the Republic has done well to protect the lives of its residents.

Unlike doomsday prediction for Singapore, this tiny red dot had held its own despite a setback that could potentially unhinge its fight in Covid19.  There were 2 distinct reasons why there was a sudden increase in numbers despite having in under control from Jan to Feb.

The first was the spike in returnees and visitors from overseas. The delay in issuing Stay Home Orders, even with the increasing numbers, could have contributed to the local community spread to foreign workers. The second was the undetected spread in dormitories. By the time it was discovered as an issue, the spread has already reached almost all dormitories, putting over 300,000 Foreign Workers at the potential of contracting Covid-19.

While it had failed to stem the spread of Covid19, it had been commendable in preventing it from turning into a worse situation. While it cannot score high A or B as a result, it is still an above-average performance especially when you compared it to the rest of the world.

The next challenge will be reopening up the economy and eventually the borders. That may be the biggest challenge that is yet to come. With parts of the world looking like they had given up the fight, the response to the opening of borders will be the one to look out for.

Report Card: B - 

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