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Daily Dose : Together, Stronger

Good Morning.

Grab a cuppa with your daily dose.

The big news of the day would be the confirmation of NDP2020. Will we be able to keep our numbers down till Aug 9 to celebrate?

1)579 new cases, 29364 total

562 Work Permit Dorms
8 Community Cases  (2 SC/PR, 1 WP . 5 Work Permit)

Interestingly, MOH had decided to categorised Work Permit outside Dorms as community cases. We had been doing that since the information was available on our daily dose.🤔

There is still a lack of information on Work Pass infection. It is necessary to let people know the source as well as if they were link or unlink cases. Ministry of Health, Singapore, should consider adding the information as it is a community case. Likewise for the Work Permit Cases outside dorms

Source: MOH

2) New Clusters continue to be identified.
With 11 more days to the end of CB, we do hope that this could be contained before CB ends.

Source: MOH

3) NDP 2020 to continue

There will be flypast, red lions, fireworks, mobile columns. They will head to the Heartlands to bring NDP closer to home

While it is good to celebrate, we do hope that the Covid19 situation is clear till then. Crowds will be expected throughout the island during the day


4) 4 jailed, fined for breaching SNH

This includes one that is Asymptomatic!
Interestingly, the fines and jail terms are not consistent. Sentencing depends on the scope of the offence. However, that is also a black hole on how it is assessed.

Source: Today

5) 'So what' Circuit Breaker fined $4500
He posted a photo on social media showing that he was in another's person house eating while mocking the CB measures.

Source: Today

6) Money Changers, customer services of financial institutions to reopen on June 2

You can now meet your banker.

Source: Today

7) 12 things you CANNOT do in Phase 1

There are still restrictions on what you can do in Phase 1 after CB ends


8) Travellers allow to transit through Changi Airport on June 2
It's Transit only. They are not allowed to shop while in Transit

Source: CNA

9) MOH, MND refute false and malicious allegation of profiteering and corruption over Covdi19 at Singapore Expo

Allegations came when it was known that the contract was awarded to Temasek and Surbana Jurong. Mr Teo Eng Cheong (CEO  Surbana Jurong) is the husband of MOM Josephine Teo

Source: Today

10 ) Former Bedok North Secondary School in Eunos to house Foreign Workers in essential service

The school will house 400 workers

Source: Today

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