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The Missing Link : Work Pass Holders Details on MOH Daily Reports

MOH has been doing a fine job on updating the Covid-19 cases numbers

It has provided a breakdown on Work Permit Holders cases in and out of dorms as well as cases in the community. For community cases, there is further segregation of Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Work Passes.

As recent as May 3, it has further provided us with the individual details of community cases for Singaporeans and PR. However, one thing that stood out is the lack of information on Work Passes even though it is classified as cases in the community with Singaporeans and PR.

Who are Work Passes Holders under this report?

While there is no definition under the MOH report, given that Work Permit are categorised separately, we assume that Work Passes are classified into the following categories

  • Employment Pass - For Foreign professionals, managers and executives earning at least $3900 per month
  • Entre Pass - For eligible foreign entrepreneurs wanting to start and operate a business in Singapore
  • Personalised Employment Pass - For high earning existing Employment Pass holders or overseas foreign professionals.
  • S Pass-  Mid Level Staff required to earn $2400 per month

For the Month of May, the breakdown of infection on this group are as follow
May 1: 6
May 2: 2
May 3: 3
May 4: 0
May 5: 4
May 6:2
May 7: 2
May 8: 1
May 9: 2
May 10: 2
May 11: 1 
May 12: 1
May 13: 2
May 14: 0
May 15: 0
May 16: 1
May 17: 1

Total cases: 30

It is rather odd that the details for this group had been omitted from the Daily reports. It would be good to know if the infection is from work, socialising or otherwise. With the recent photos on gatherings at Robertson Quay showing mostly expats, there are valid concerns by local residents on the spread of the Covid-19 among this group. 

We do hope that moving forward, MOH would include the details in the report. At least, this will provide clarity if these cases are unlinked or if they are linked to existing cases. With this added information, the general public would be more comfortable with the easing of Circuit Breaker on 2 June.

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