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3000 tests per day or 13000 tests a day? Let's settle the debate

Are we testing 13,000 people daily?
The answer is a Yes and No.

During a recent report, it is noted that Singapore is testing 13,000 cases a day for Covid19. While the recent release of the number of swab tests seem to support that, the actual number of people tested daily might be closer to 3000 than 13000.

We will make a comparison between Jun 1and June 8 data provided by MOH to assess the number of tests done for Covid19

June 1
Source: MOH

Total Swab Tests Done: 408 495
Total Unique Person Swabbed: 264 393

June 8
Source: MOH

Total Swab Tests Done: 488 695
Total Unique Persons Swabbed: 284 943

Total number of days: 8

Average number of Swab Tests: 80 200 / 8 = 10 025
Average Unique Persons Swabbed: 20 550 / 8 = 2 568

Total Cases : 3244

Infections rate: 3244 / 20550 = 15.78%

From the numbers seen, the following can be observed
1) Average Swab tests is below the 13k mark indicated. Nonetheless, since it is average, there is a possibility that the swab tests could reach 13k on certain days.

2) Average Unique Person Swabs are at 2568. This is much lesser than the 13k announced. This would be a more important number as it states the actual number of people tested daily.

3) There is an average of 4 swab tests per person per day.  Is this a testing requirement?

4) The number of people tested on a daily basis had decreased since Mid May. Our previous analysis showed 4875 average per day vs 2568 tests per day from June 1 to June 8. Infection rate are also down from 17.7% to 15.78%

Is the number 3000 or 13000?
If you are talking about the unique number of people tested, it will be closer to 3000 per day. If you are using the number of tests done per day, it could be at 13000. With the large disparity in numbers, it would be prudent to note the unique number over the number of tests done.

Using the former figure and the number of confirmed cases will give us a better insight to the Nation's health in relation to Covid19.

The numbers used are from an official source. However, it will still be an estimation at best as full information is not available from MOH. The analysis is base on assumptions and may not fully reflect the fact.

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