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Daily Dose Jun 11 : Roller Coaster

Daily Dose: Roller Coaster
One day down, next day up. The numbers for Covid19 is like a roller coaster. Thankfully, life may soon be back to a sense of normalcy in the coming weeks.

1) 451 cases confirmed

444 dorms
7 community (3SC/PR, 1 WP, 3 Work Permit)

The numbers came roaring back up more than 100% from a low of 218 the day prior. Dorms continue to hoard the leaderboard in terms of numbers

2) 3 new clusters identified

3 new dorms clusters identified

3) 7 community cases, with only 2 unlink

38 yr old National Heart Centre nurse was among those tested positive.

4) Repeated test of 6 infected students and staff  all negative
5 have been discharged. This would mean they should be returning to school a week from now.

5)  5 people sentenced over COVID19 offences

Jin Yin,55, fined $22000 for providing massage service without a licence. She is a repeated offender

Eddie Neo Zhong Jie, 35, fined $3000 for harassment against enforcement officers after being check for hawking masks

Yee Choon Wah, 52, jailed 4 weeks for rash act using a golf club.

Ong King Hwa, 63, fined $3500 for meeting friends.

Lee Ah Loo, 66, fined $3000 for harassment with vulgar language abuse against NEA Officer

6) Remdesivir Approved for Covid19 Treatment in Singapore

The antiviral drug is known for benefitting Covid19 patients by speeding up treatment.

7) The difference between Safe Entry, Trace Together App and Trace Together Token

None of the above are tracking devices as claimed

8) Kofu trials plastic table shields to protect diners

It's like a face shield on steroids.

9) Woman who spat at KFC Employee charged

One spit = intentional harassment, use of criminal force, and breaching safe distancing measures.

10) How a swab test is done for Mass Screening.
See how it is done.

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