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McDonald's Happy Meal July 2020 : Barbie and Hot Wheels

Barbie and Hot Wheels will be coming to Singapore next month.

Fans of Barbies and Hotel Wheels will be extra happy when they partake in Mcdonald's. They will be getting a free toy from the famous brand with every Happy Meal from July onwards.

Here is the Lineup:


9-15 July: Princess Barbie
16-22 July: Racer Car Barbie
23-29 July: Pet Vet Barbie 
30 July -5 August: Ballerina Barbie

Hot Wheels

9-15 July:  Twin Mill Hop
16-22 July: Blitzsppeder Blast-Off Gate
23-29 July: Gazella- R- Jump
30 July - 5 Aug: Bone Speeder Track Switcher

To be honest, we were hoping for a Minions Collection similar to the ones they had launched in Thailand. Maybe it will come after this series?

Not in Singapore: Photo Credit McDonald's

Instead of toys, you could also opt for the book series. 

 There is a new book series Treetop Twins Wilderness Adventures Book Series. The books were written by Cressida Cowell, the English Children Author who is well known for her book ' How to Train a Dragon'.

The upcoming title is 'The Twins Walk with a Wolly Mammoth'.

Choose between a book or toy for each Happy Meal purchase!

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