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8 Things you can do with SingPass App

Have you downloaded the Singpass App?

While many associate Singpass as a tool to log into government websites, there are several useful functions built in the app.

1) Safe Entry Check-in

Tired of scanning the QR code for Safe Entry?

You could use the Singpass App for Safe Entry Check-in instead. Just tap on the Safe Entry Check-in and a list of locations with Safe Entry will pop up on the next screen. No need to scan the QR code for this.

If you have an iPhone, you could also program Siri to bring up this page with the command 'Safe Entry Check-in.'

Here is how to set up Siri for Safe Entry Check-in
-Tap on the gear icon on the top left corner at the main page 
-Tap on Siru Voice Command
-Add Safe Entry Check-in
-Customise Siri Shortcut and you are good to go!

2) Check where you are supposed to vote

With the General Election coming up, you can check if you are a Register Voter. To check, tap on your profile, click on Registers of Electors Full Card and you can check your voting details. It will include your electoral division, polling district and voter serial number.

3) Use it to log in without passwords at selected sites

The original purpose of Singpass App was to create a one-stop app to log into government websites. You can now do so for the following websites:
  • CPF e-services
  • Health hub
  • IRAS My Tax Portal
  • My HDBPage
  • My Careers Future.sg
  • NS Portal
  • One Motoring
  • Pa@ gov

4) Alternative to IC 

Forgot to bring your IC and need it to scan for entry to buildings?

The Singpass App stores your IC details including the bar code so you can use it instead of the physical IC. In addition, it also has basic Passport details like Passport Number and Expiry Date

5) Check your CPF Details and Assessable Income

Some folks like to monitor how much they would have for retirement or funds to pay the housing loan, so checking CPF balance is useful for these cases.

6) Alternative to Driver's License

Are you still carrying your driver's license?
You can now leave the License at home if you have the Singpass App.

7) Check your Vehicle Details

The App stores the details of your vehicles too. You can check your road tax expiry date, COE expiry Date and the IU Number. The last is useful for malls that require IU number for parking rebates.

8) Remember Anniversaries, Children's Birthday and IC Numbers

The Singpass App also has details of your children and even your marriage certificate number and date of marriage.

This is useful for those who tend to forget important dates information such as wedding anniversaries and children's IC number. For those dating, you can also use it to verify if someone is married or not!

How to set up

Download the APP from Apple App Store and Google Play.
Follow the instructions to set up Singpass and you are good to go!


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